Ipswich forward James Norwood responds to Twitter troll

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The abuse of footballers on social media has been a hot topic in recent weeks, and it’s clear that no one really knows the best way to stop it.

The recent case with Ian Wright showed that there are no proper consequences for people who do it, while there will be many who think they just need to take the moral position and ignore it.

Obviously, there is the brigade that thinks that receiving a certain amount means that you have to endure the abuse because human feelings go numb once you become a higher rate taxpayer, but they are just as bad as those who dole out the money. abuse.

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Often when we were kids, we are told not to fight back or beat up bullies, but sometimes that’s the only language a total jerk is going to understand, so we have an interesting test case to look at tonight.

Ipswich Town forward James Norwood decided to come back with both barrels in quite a spectacular response, so it will be interesting to see what the consequences of this are:

In the long run, it’s probably not the best way to deal with this, as it will simply turn into an overcoming competition, but this one is quite satisfying to watch.

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