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EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – It was Jan. 28, a Friday afternoon where the New York Giants hired Brian Daboll as their head coach. That night, he had already spoken to his new starting quarterback, Daniel Jones. He told Jones he was going to start brainstorming some plays he liked best, dating as far back as high school or college. They would soon meet to discuss.

It was imperative that Daboll obtain this information. This is how he builds a playbook.

It did not matter that there was a storm on the horizon that would drop a foot or more of snow on part of the area the following day. Daboll drove in his blue Ford F-150 pickup from Buffalo to New Jersey. Jones was there in the building that Saturday morning for their first face-to-face meeting to present his favorite games less than 24 hours after Daboll was hired.

“He asked for my ideas and some of the things I liked to drive … were cool,” Jones said. “It’s going to be an ongoing process to get a sense of what those things are – what I like, what he likes. And we will do that.

“It was a great way for me to get to know him and him to get to know me. I definitely appreciated it.”

This was not just to show or make Jones feel included. That’s the way Daboll – a coach who only uses FaceTime instead of phone calls for personal feeling – worked in his time as an offensive coordinator at Buffalo Bills. It was important to him that his players felt included and invested, on and off the pitch.

It included giving them the opportunity to have a significant impact on the playbook.

“I think the best [Daboll] does, it does not matter who plays – he will give them the best chance of winning on Sunday, “said quarterback Davis Webb, who signed with the Giants on Feb. 7 after spending the previous three seasons with Daboll in Buffalo . . “I recall [Bills receiver Cole Beasley] had four or five plays he loved at SMU and it [Dallas] Cowboys. And we put them in three years ago, and they’ve been our best plays, or [among] of our best plays of the last three years. “

Webb estimates that Daboll put 80-90% of the games his players recommended in the playbook. It did not matter if it was from quarterback Josh Allen, receiver Stefon Diggs, Webb or even safety Jordan Poyer. Not everyone was called up regularly, but they were in there.

It starts, of course, with the quarterback. Allen offered regular input in Buffalo, just as early indications are that Jones will be heavily involved with the Giants.

“That’s where it’s going to start, are some basic pieces that he feels comfortable with,” Daboll said of Jones.

That meeting between the minds the day after Daboll was hired was the beginning of the construction of his Giants offensive, which will have many of the elements that Allen & Co. did. used in Buffalo. Only that will now also include a big influence from his new skill position players such as Jones, running back Saquon Barkley and receiver Kenny Golladay.

The fast timing routes outside the numbers and the zone sounding that Jones had success with early in his career are likely to be staples. So there will also be a lot of emphasis on the run-pass opportunity and fast screens that Daboll mastered during his year as offensive coordinator at the University of Alabama in 2017. They were big parts of Bills’ playbook with the fast, 237 – Pounds Allen below center.

“Multiple. Fast. I think it’s the new wave of attacks,” Webb said of what to expect from Daboll’s system with the Giants. “A mix of what’s always worked in the NFL when it comes to that system – especially in the New England tree, especially when Tom Brady was there … you’re going to see some similar things there. And you” will see some things that they did in Alabama when Tua [Tagovailoa] and Jalen [Hurts] we play. You’re going to see some things like Josh [Allen] really loved.

“But Josh’s 15 favorite games may not be Daniels. And then Josh’s next 15 games may be Daniels. It will be based on the quarterback and what they have around them.”

It is this kind of approach that has led Webb to call Daboll his favorite coach to date. Allen and Daboll were also known to be particularly close.

It bodes well for the relationship between Daboll and Jones, who has come strong from the start.


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