How to Watch Europa League in India: TV, Live Stream, Matches – Dundalk vs Arsenal, Tottenham vs Antwerp and More

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With the 2020-21 Europa League approaching the knockout phase, Goal tells you how to catch all the action …

The 2020-21 UEFA Europa League season is just one match day away from entering the knockout phase of the competition.

It falls between Young Boys (7 points) and CFR Cluj (5) as Roma reached the last 32 of Group A. Molde controls their destiny ahead of their trip to Rapid Wein as Arsenal advance as the winner of Group B.

Slavia Praha and Bayer Leverkusen, who will meet in the final round of the group stage, advanced from Group C. Group D favorites Rangers and Benfica secured their place in the next stage, as did Granada and PSV (Group E ), Leicester City and Sporting Braga (Group G), Lille and AC Milan (Group H), Antwerp and Tottenham (Group J), as well as Hoffenheim and Crvena Zvezda (Group L).

Napoli (10 points) need at least a draw against Real Sociedad (8) while AZ Almaar (8) faces Rijeka in an attempt to decide who of the three qualifies from Group F.

With Unai Emery’s Villarreal claiming first place in Group I, second place will be reduced to the final matchday between M. Tel-Aviv (8 points) and Sivasspor (6).

And as Dinamo Zagreb are guaranteed to finish at the top of Group K, Wolfsberger (7 points) and Feyenoord (5) have their fate in their own hands on the final day of the group stage.


  1. How to watch the Europa League in India
  2. Matchday 1 / 22-23 October
  3. Matchday 2 / October 29-30
  4. Matchday 3 / November 5-6
  5. Matchday 4 / 26-27 November
  6. Matchday 5 / December 3-4
  7. Matchday 6 / 10-11 December

Where to watch or stream the Europa League

the Sony Pictures Sports Network (Sony and TEN channels) has the rights to show the Europa League matches in India.

The matches will also be available to stream via SonyLIV application and website, allowing fans to watch multiple games simultaneously and watch the matches replay.

UEFA Europa League schedule

Matchday 1

DateTime (IST)MatchChannel / TV broadcast *
Oct 2222:25Young Boys 1-2 RomeSony Six SD and HD
Oct 2222:25Rapid Vienna 1-2 ArsenalSony Ten 2 SD and HD
Oct 2222:25Standard Liège 0-2 RangersSonyLIV
Oct 2222:25H. Be’er Sheva 3-1 Slavia PrahaSonyLIV
Oct 2222:25Leverkusen 6-2 NiceSonyLIV
Oct 2222:25CSKA Sofia 0-2 CFR ClujSonyLIV
Oct 2222:25PAOK 1-1 OmoniaSonyLIV
Oct 2222:25PSV 1-2 GranadaSonyLIV
Oct 2222:25Dundalk 1-2 moldSonyLIV
Oct 2222:25Naples 0-1 AZ AlkmaarSonyLIV
Oct 2222:25Lech Poznan 2-4 BenficaSonyLIV
Oct 2222:25Rijeka 0-1 Real SociedadSonyLIV
Oct 2300:30Celtic 1-3 AC MilanSony Ten 1 SD and HD
Oct 2300:30Tottenham 3-0 LASKSony Ten 2 SD and HD
Oct 2300:30Leicester 3-0 Zorya LuganskSony Ten 3 SD and HD
Oct 2300:30Hoffenheim 2-0 Crvena ZvezdaSony Six SD and HD
Oct 2300:30Ludogorets 1-2 AntwerpSonyLIV
Oct 2300:30Sparta Prague 1-4 LilleSonyLIV
Oct 2300:30Villarreal 5-3 SivassporSonyLIV
Oct 2300:30Braga 3-0 AEK AthensSonyLIV
Oct 2300:30Wolfsberg 1-1 CSKA MoscowSonyLIV
Oct 2300:30Dinamo Zagreb 0-0 FeyenoordSonyLIV
Oct 2300:30M. Tel Aviv Qarabag 1-0SonyLIV
Oct 2300:30Liberec 1-0 GentSonyLIV

* UEFA Europa League matches can be streamed online on SonyLIV.

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Matchday 2

DateTime (IST)MatchChannel / TV broadcast *
Oct 2923:25AEK 1-2 LeicesterSony Six SD and HD
Oct 2923:25AC Milan 3-0 Sparta PragueSony Ten 1 SD and HD
Oct 2923:25Antwerp 1-0 TottenhamSony Ten 2 SD and HD
Oct 2923:25Qarabak FK 1-3 VillarrealSonyLIV
Oct 2923:25Crvena zvezda 5-1 LiberecSonyLIV
Oct 2923:25LASK 4-3 LudogoretsSonyLIV
Oct 2923:25Sivasspor 1-2 M. Tel-AvivSonyLIV
Oct 2923:25Ghent 1-4 HoffenheimSonyLIV
Oct 2923:25CSKA Moscow 0-0 Dinamo ZagrebSonyLIV
Oct 2923:25Fayenoord 1-4 WolfsbergSonyLIV
Oct 2923:25Zorya Lugansk 1-2 BragaSonyLIV
Oct 2923:25Small 2-2 CelticSonyLIV
Oct 3001:30Rome 0-0 CSKA-SofiaSony Ten 1 SD and HD
Oct 3001:30Arsenal 3-0 DundalkSony Ten 2 SD and HD
Oct 3001:30Rangers 1-0 LechSony Ten 3 SD and HD
Oct 3001:30Real Sociedad 0-1 NaplesSony Six SD and HD
Oct 3001:301-0 Rapid Wein MoldSonyLIV
Oct 3001:30Nice 1-0 H. Beer-ShevaSonyLIV
Oct 3001:30Slavia Prague 1-0 LeverkusenSonyLIV
Oct 3001:30CFR Cluj 1-1 Young BoysSonyLIV
Oct 3001:30Benfica 3-0 Standard LeigeSonyLIV
Oct 3001:30AC Omonia 1-2 PSVSonyLIV
Oct 3001:30Granada 0-0 PAOKSonyLIV
Oct 3001:30AZ Alkmaar 4-1 RijekaSonyLIV

* UEFA Europa League matches can be streamed online on SonyLIV.

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Matchday 3

DateTime (IST)MatchChannel / TV broadcast *
November 5th23:25Benfica 3-3 RangersSony Ten 1 SD and HD
November 5th23:25Ludogorets 1-3 TottenhamSony Ten 2 SD and HD
November 5th23:25Rome 5-0 CFR ClujSony Ten 3 SD and HD
November 5th23:25H Beer-Sheva 2-4 LeverkusenSonyLIV
November 5th23:25Lech Poznan 3-1 Standard LiegeSonyLIV
November 5th23:25Slavia Prague 3-2 NiceSonyLIV
November 5th23:25PAOK 4-1 PSVSonyLIV
November 5th23:25Real Sociedad 1-0 AZ AlkmaarSonyLIV
November 5th23:25Rijeka 1-2 NapoliSonyLIV
November 5th23:25AC Omonia 0-2 GranadaSonyLIV
November 5th23:25Rapid Wein 4-3 DundalkSonyLIV
November 5th23:25Sivasspor 2-0 Qarabag FKSonyLIV
November 6th01:30Arsenal 4-1 MoldSony Ten 2 SD and HD
November 6th01:30Leicester City 4-0 BragaSony Ten 3 SD and HD
November 6th01:30AC Milan 0-3 LilleSony Ten 1 SD and HD
November 6th01:30Antwerp 0-1 LASKSonyLIV
November 6th01:30Celtic 1-4 Sparta PragueSonyLIV
November 6th01:30Crvena zvezda 2-1 GentSonyLIV
November 6th01:30Dinamo Zagreb 1-0 WolfsbergerSonyLIV
November 6th01:30Feyenoord 3-1 CSKA MoscowSonyLIV
November 6th01:30Hoffenheim 5-0 Slovan LiberecSonyLIV
November 6th01:30Villarreal 4-0 Maccabi Tel AvivSonyLIV
November 6th01:30Young Boys 3-0 CSKA SofiaSonyLIV
November 6th01:30Zorya 1-4 AEK AthensSonyLIV

* UEFA Europa League matches can be streamed online on SonyLIV.

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Matchday 4

DateTime (IST)MatchChannel / TV broadcast *
November 2623:25Lille vs AC MilanSony Ten 1 SD and HD
November 2623:25Molde vs ArsenalSony Ten 2 SD and HD
November 2623:25Braga vs Leicester CitySony Ten 3 SD and HD
November 2623:25M. Tel Aviv vs VillarrealSonyLIV
November 2623:25AEK Athens vs Zorya LuhanskSonyLIV
November 2623:25CSKA Moscow vs FeyenoordSonyLIV
November 2623:25Wolfsberger vs Dinamo ZagrebSonyLIV
November 2623:25Liberec vs HoffenheimSonyLIV
November 2623:25Gent vs Crvena zvezdaSonyLIV
November 2623:25Qarabag FK vs SivassporSonyLIV
November 2623:25CSKA Sofia vs Young BoysSonyLIV
November 2623:25LASK vs AntwerpSonyLIV
November 2623:25Sparta Prague vs CelticSonyLIV
November 2701:30Tottenham vs LudogoretsSony Ten 2 SD and HD
November 2701:30CFR Cluj vs RomaSony Six SD and HD
November 2701:30Naples vs RijekaSony Ten 3 SD and HD
November 2701:30Rangers vs BenficaSony Ten 1 SD and HD
November 2701:30Nice vs Slavia PrahaSonyLIV
November 2701:30PSV vs PAOKSonyLIV
November 2701:30Standard Liege vs Lech PoznanSonyLIV
November 2701:30Granada vs AC OmoniaSonyLIV
November 2701:30Leverkusen vs. H. Beer-ShevaSonyLIV
November 2701:30Dundalk vs Rapid WeinSonyLIV
November 2701:30AZ Alkmaar vs Real SociedadSonyLIV

* UEFA Europa League matches can be streamed online on SonyLIV.

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Matchday 5

DateTime (IST)MatchChannel / TV broadcast *
December 323:25AC Milan 4-2 CelticSony Ten 1 SD and HD
December 323:25Zorya Luhansk 1-0 Leicester CitySony Ten 3 SD and HD
December 323:25LASK 3-3 TottenhamSony Ten 2 SD and HD
December 323:25Sivasspor 0-1 VillarrealSonyLIV
December 323:25AEK Athens 2-4 BragaSonyLIV
December 323:25Knight 1-2 LiberecSonyLIV
December 323:25Match 0-0 HoffenheimSonyLIV
December 323:25Lille 2-1 Sparta PragueSonyLIV
December 323:25CSKA Moscow 0-1 WolfsbergSonyLIV
December 323:25Feyenoord 0-2 Dinamo ZagrebSonyLIV
December 323:25Qabarak FK 1-1 M. Tel AvivSonyLIV
December 323:25Antwerp 3-1 LudogoretsSonyLIV
December 4th01:30AZ Alkmaar 1-1 NaplesSony Ten 1 SD and HD
December 4th01:30Roma 3-1 Young BoysSony Six SD and HD
December 4th01:30Nice 2-3 LeverkusenSony Ten 3 SD and HD
December 4th01:30Arsenal 4-1 Rapid WeinSony Ten 2 SD and HD
December 4th01:30Granada 0-1 PSVSonyLIV
December 4th01:303-1 Dundalk moldSonyLIV
December 4th01:30Real Sociedad 2-2 RijekaSonyLIV
December 4th01:30Rangers 3-2 Standard LiègeSonyLIV
December 4th01:30Benfica 4-0 Lech PoznanSonyLIV
December 4th01:30CFR Cluj 0-0 CSKA SofiaSonyLIV
December 4th01:30AC Omonia 2-1 PAOKSonyLIV
December 4th01:30Slavia Prague 3-0 H. Beer-ShevaSonyLIV

* UEFA Europa League matches can be streamed online on SonyLIV.

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Matchday 6

DateTime (IST)MatchChannel / TV broadcast *
December 1023:25Leverkusen vs Slavia PrahaSPSN TBC
December 1023:25CSKA Sofia vs RomaSPSN TBC
December 1023:25Standard de Liege vs BenficaSPSN TBC
December 1023:25Dundalk vs ArsenalSPSN TBC
December 1023:25Lech Poznan vs RangersSPSN TBC
December 1023:25PSV vs AC OmoniaSPSN TBC
December 1023:25Rijeka vs AZ AlkmaarSPSN TBC
December 1023:25Rapid Vienna vs MoldeSPSN TBC
December 1023:25PAOK vs GranadaSPSN TBC
December 1023:25H. Beer-Sheva v NiceSPSN TBC
December 1023:25Naples vs Real SociedadSPSN TBC
December 1023:25Young Boys Vs CFR ClujSPSN TBC
December 1101:30Sparta Prague vs AC MilanSPSN TBC
December 1101:30Ludogorets vs LASKSPSN TBC
December 1101:30Hoffenheim vs GhentSPSN TBC
December 1101:30Dinamo Zagreb vs CSKA MoscowSPSN TBC
December 1101:30Celtic vs LilleSPSN TBC
December 1101:30M. Tel-Aviv vs SivassporSPSN TBC
December 1101:30Tottenham vs AntwerpSPSN TBC
December 1101:30Braga vs Zorya LuganskSPSN TBC
December 1101:30Wolfsberg vs. FeyenoordSPSN TBC
December 1101:30Liberec vs Crvena zvezdaSPSN TBC
December 1101:30Villarreal vs Qabarak FKSPSN TBC
December 1101:30Leicester City vs AEK AthensSPSN TBC

* UEFA Europa League matches can be streamed online on SonyLIV.

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