How long has Mike Zimmer trained the Vikings?

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The Minnesota Vikings chose to fire both head coach Mike Zimmer and general manager Rick Spielman, which sent shock waves around the NFL.

Zimmer seemed to be expecting this news on the way into the final weeks of the season. After once again not getting into the playoffs, a change was needed at the top. However, general manager Rick Spielman was apparently shocked that he was fired. Spielman helped put together this talented Vikings team, even though the group has yet to get full gel.

Spielman had been with the Vikings since 2006 and was seeping up into the organization. His long life with Minnesota probably led to his shocked reaction to being kicked to the curb.

Vikings head coach history

Here is a complete list of the Vikings’ head coaches, starting with Norm Van Brocklin in 1969.

How long has Mike Zimmer trained the Vikings?

Zimmer had coached the Vikings since 2014. With his firing, Matt LaFleur is now the longest-serving coach in the NFC North.

Rick Spielman salary

In August 2020, Spielman signed a three-year contract extension as GM. His estimated net worth is somewhere between $ 1 million- $ 5 million, although no exact figures or public information is given.

Vic Fangio: Vikings a possible fit?

Fangio has plenty of NFL coaching experience, and even though he’s just been fired in Denver, he could be the man if Minnesota want a steady, proven hand as their next coach.

Vikings fans react to Mike Zimmer, Rick Spielman’s firing

Vikings fans were mostly grateful for what the couple had accomplished in their time together. However, it was clearly time for a change in the twin cities.

There were many more where it came from.

Overall, the mood is positive for Vikings faithful, who year after year have grown tired of new lists with similar results. Eventually something had to change, and Wilf has gone all out to make sure the Vikings are at least not complacent.

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