Hill maintains ‘Tua is a very accurate quarterback’

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MIAMI – Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill has only caught passes from Tua Tagovailoa for a month, but already has high praise for his new quarterback.

Hill told reporters during his initial press conference in March that he knew Tua was “one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the NFL,” and extended that statement after Tuesday’s OTA practice.

“At first I thought it was going to be something crazy – the ball went all over it, but Tua actually has probably one of the most beautiful balls I’ve ever caught in my life,” Hill said. “It’s very catchy. Tua is a very accurate quarterback. That’s all I want to say.”

Miami traded five draft picks, including the first and second rounds of the 2022 draft, to the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for Hill back in March, before immediately signing the most lucrative contract in NFL history for a wide receiver – a four-year, 120 million dollar extension with $ 72 million guaranteed.

Despite being teammates for barely more than two months, Hill has already had Tagovailoa’s back on several occasions, including earlier in May, when a training video depicting a seemingly submissive ball by Tagovailoa went viral, garnering nearly 7 million views on Twitter. .

Hill responded the next day posts a video of several deep passes from Tagovailoa to Dolphins receivers.

“I just feel like football is about confidence and I’m very confident in my quarterback,” Hill said. “So I just feel that if I’m able to help him get all that confidence in the world and push other guys to push that confidence into him, then heaven is the limit for the guy because he’s a damn talent , he’s crazy .arm strength, arm talent.

“We’re all excited to see him sling the ball every single day.”

Tagovailoa has received praise from Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel for his play and work ethic during this offseason, and was named the team’s coach of the day last week.

McDaniel told reporters Tuesday that he was impressed with Tagovailoa’s instincts at the post.

“I’ve seen a guy attacking at the moment, a guy who really likes to play football,” McDaniel said. “You hear people describe a quarterback’s instinct … I did not quite know what that meant. Now I have a better idea of ​​what it meant, but I still do not have a better way to describe it besides instinct.

“But you can see that the player has been playing at the position for a long time and that he is thinking about the game of football through the lens of the quarterback position. I have been very excited about his development in terms of the offensive plan and being the starter. quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. “

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