Healthier Prescott ‘excited’ to get to the ground

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FRISCO, Texas – Dak Prescott is a week into the Dallas Cowboys’ official offseason program in 2022, but he already feels “completely different” than he did at this point in 2021 when he worked back from a compound break and dislocation. of his right ankle.

“A year ago, you’re excited because you’re back on your feet,” Prescott said before the childhood cancer gala, where he was named honorary president along with Troy Aikman as Roger Staubach passed the torch on to the Cowboys’ current one. quarterback “You’re moving it for the first time. From one week to the next you’re going to do two jumps to three jumps for jogging for the sprint, so you’re excited and feeling progress. But a year [later], I get on the field and I do not even think about my leg. It goes from getting that leg better to not even being a thought in my head. There are days, maybe the cold front comes in where I can feel it a little more, but it’s not a thought in my head or a worry or rehabilitation. “

Prescott underwent surgery on his left (non-throwing) shoulder earlier in the low season, but he said “the shoulder is amazing.” Last year, he missed most of the training camp with a right latissimus stretch and then missed a fight in the base game with an injury to his right calf.

He said he would likely continue some form of prehab for the ankle injury before training, “but not necessarily perhaps to the full extent of [resistance] bands and all that. But there are certain precautions and things I want to go through to make sure my leg is ready to go and no small injuries come out of it. “

With his health, he can focus on improving on the field.

“I do not retrain one thing. I work on my whole body,” he said. “From my footing, it’s not just putting this down. Now it’s, ‘Can I get this thing faster than they ever have?’ It’s about improving the person and player I was before the injury now, and to be the best player I can be for this organization. “

Prescott also said this is the healthiest thing he has felt in a low season in quite some time.

“It’s exciting,” he said. “Yeah, I mean throwing up this morning and leaving that session, yeah, I mean pumped up just the way I feel, the leg feels, the arm feels, the body feels. Yes, I’m excited.”

Prescott was on The Star long before the offseason program began reviewing the captains’ training, where he said more than 20 players were in attendance. With the official program starting on Monday, the Cowboys had more than 60 players in attendance at the volunteer training sessions.

“It encouraged guys,” he said. “When they got around the building, they saw 15-20 guys around when we were not even volunteers, and when it’s voluntary, I’m sure everyone will be there that they do not want to miss. You will not be the guy who does not build the chemistry or build what we work on. completely voluntarily. “

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