“ He still loves Madrid ”: Bale opens up to Real’s return despite Zidane’s stumbling block, says agent

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The veteran forward may have a good relationship with Spurs manager José Mourinho, but the player’s representative admits he misses the Spanish capital.

Gareth Bale “still loves” Real Madrid and a return to the Santiago Bernabéu is not a problem for the Welshman, according to his agent, but Zinedine Zidane may have other ideas about the forward’s future.

The veteran forward also has a “good relationship” with Tottenham manager José Mourinho, despite having more limited opportunities than anticipated since his return to the Premier League club, says Jonathan Barnett.

Bale is in the middle of a one-season loan from La Liga having returned to Spurs after being sidelined by Zidane, but has so far struggled to make an impact.

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Barnett, who sealed Bale’s move to Real Madrid from Tottenham nearly a decade ago, believes the playmaker would have no problem returning to the Spanish capital.

“He still loves Madrid,” the 71-year-old said. Aim. “He has no problems with the club, it is a wonderful club. It would not be a problem. [for him to return]. They just have to decide if they need him back, if he can play for Madrid and all that stuff. I suppose you have to ask Mr. Zidane if he wants it, I don’t think so ”.

Barnett also dismissed reports that Bale and Spurs supreme Mourinho have a bad relationship, although he admitted that he hoped the attacker would have more opportunities to impress in north London.

Bale has played just 16 games this season for Tottenham, and has been hampered by both injury and his coach’s selection policies.

“They have a good relationship, no problem,” Barnett said. “It is the journalists who create the problem, but there is no problem. We expected him to play more; things have not gone so well, but the team has not gone [as] good too. “

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Bale’s move to Tottenham was seen as a victory for both Madrid and Tottenham, allowing the former to shed an underprivileged player with a hefty contract and the latter to reunite with one of their true modern superstars.

At the end of the season, it seems unlikely the Spurs will be willing to bring the seasoned forward back full time, particularly since they will then face the responsibility of paying his salary package in full.

Zidane has also shown no interest in bringing the elderly and injury-prone Bale back to his side, putting the Welshman’s future at stake.

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