Harry Kane is not the striker Manchester City should aim for

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On paper, Manchester City and Harry Kane look like a match made in heaven.

Kane is one of the sport’s top scorers looking for a team capable of winning trophies, and City are an elite opportunity-creating giant that needs to start preparing for the departure of the prolific Sergio Agüero.

Each could solve the other’s problem. However, just because they might does not mean that they should.

City has been linked to a £ 90 million move for Kane | GLYN KIRK / Getty Images

Now before we get into this, let’s clarify that a £ 90 million offer for Kane wouldn’t be a bad deal for City. That’s the kind of price you have to pay for elite scorers, and Kane would make City 100% better.

However, sometimes the easiest path is not the best one to explore, and that is the case here.

Aguero is now 32 years old, has given City an unprecedented decade of service, and will obviously need to be replaced soon. Bringing in Kane is an option, but the problem with that is that the Englishman will be 28 when this supposed £ 90 million offer arrives.

Sergio Aguero
City hopes to replace Agüero soon | Visionhaus / Getty Images

Obviously, Kane won’t start to decline brutally at age 28, but he would need to be replaced in the near future. By the time Kane reaches 32, City would need to prepare another nearly £ 100 million offer for someone new.

Financially, that’s pretty unsustainable, especially when that money could buy City a younger forward.

90min revealed in November 2020 that City have been keeping a close eye on Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland and Inter’s Lautaro Martínez, who, aged 20 and 23 respectively, would fit much better on Pep Guardiola’s side.

Both players could contribute similar goal numbers to Kane’s, but unlike the Englishman, they will be able to do so for the next decade or so.

Erling haaland
Haaland is on the radar | Lars Baron / Getty Images

That’s clearly the approach City prefer when it comes to starting forwards. Agüero was 23 when he joined in 2011, while Gabriel Jesús, who was announced as Agüero’s long-term successor, joined at 19 and was supposed to be ready to take over when he turned 23 in April.

It seems that City have learned from their mistake with Jesús who, for the record, is not a bad forward. The Brazilian is obviously good enough to play in the Premier League, but perhaps not as the leading forward of a team fighting for the big titles.

That’s the risk you take when you commit to a player who has only one year of senior experience in Brazil under his belt. It hasn’t worked out as expected, and now City are looking for ready-to-wear stars like Martinez and Haaland.

Lautaro Martinez
City also follows Lautaro Martínez | Emilio Andreoli / Getty Images

An offer of £ 90 million for either of those two would likely be enough to close a deal, and that would mean that City’s forward position would be resolved over the next ten years.

On the other hand, spending that amount of money on Kane would likely lead to another £ 90 million offer for another forward in four years, perhaps Haaland or Martinez. Why not cut out the middle man and get a younger forward now?

Kane is obviously the safest route. He is a guaranteed source of goals in the Premier League, while the aforementioned youngsters would need to adjust to life in England. If City can’t be bothered to wait and want trophies instead nowSo Kane is the right man.

Harry Kane
Kane would guarantee immediate success | Chloe Knott – Danehouse / Getty Images

However, it is important to prepare for the long term. City have not done that with Agüero’s impending departure, leaving them with the need to spend an astronomical fee to find someone capable of replacing the Argentine.

Haaland, Martinez or any young star forward would make more sense for City, who need to plan their next move wisely.

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