Gronk, Brady, Jones, and other NFL players who cashed in (or fell short) with incentives

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If you think money does not matter, do not tell Jacksonville Jaguars defensive lineman Dawuane Smoot, who went into the final game of the 2021 regular season with money tied to his performance.

And when Smoot picked up his sixth sack for the season in Jacksonville’s outrageous victory over the Indianapolis Colts, he earned $ 250,000 in incentives – this following a message from his wife, Aumari.

“Me and my wife, she told me you would not come home if I did not get the sack,” Smoot told reporters in Jacksonville. “So I’m coming home.”

He also joked that the bonus would be being able to buy them a lifetime supply of diapers for their second child, which Smoot helped deliver in October.

In the NFL, if winning is paramount, money is not too far behind. And for some players, to end the 2021 season in the way they gave them extra money.

For some, the incentives were based on how much they played. For others, they were tied to how they performed.

Addison had two sacks in the regular season finale against the New York Jets, pushing him to seven for the season and earning him $ 250,000 to reach at least six sacks. He was one sack away from another $ 250,000.

Brady earned $ 1.125 million extra on Sunday. When Tampa Bay finished with 4.3 rushing yards per. carry – better than last season’s 4.12 yards per carry. carry – unlocked incentives and because of that he earned $ 562,500 to darken 25 touchdown passes (he led the NFL with 43) and another $ 562,500 to finish in the Top 5 in passing yards (he led the NFL with 5,316) . Brady missed another straight payout for not finishing the Top 5 in completion percentage (he finished ninth), pass rating (finishing seventh) and yards per. completion (he finished as No. 16).

In addition, Brady earned an additional $ 500,000 to advance to the playoffs and play at least 75% of Tampa Bay’s snaps. If the Bucs win this weekend vs. The Philadelphia Eagles (13.00 ET, Fox) jump to $ 750,000, and depending on how far Tampa Bay moves, it could escalate as high as $ 2.25 million.

Campbell earned $ 2 million by playing in 56% of Baltimore’s snaps this season. It was a little bit skewed Sunday because he had fallen to below 55%, he would have earned only $ 1.5 million.

Clowney earned $ 1 million in incentives this season – $ 250,000 to play 60% of Cleveland’s snaps and $ 750,000 to reach nine sacks. Had Cleveland reached the playoffs, he would have earned $ 500,000 extra.

Cook earned $ 1 million to catch 48 passes this season, his highest total since 2018. He hit the incentive figure accurately, but dropped four touchdowns shyly of the eight touchdowns he needed for an additional $ 500,000.

Golden earned $ 1 million this season because he reached 11 sacks (he had incentives for six, eight and 10 sacks). He missed adding another $ 1 million by not reaching 13.

Green earned $ 1.25 million in incentives this season for his 54-catch, 848-yard campaign because the Cardinals reached the playoffs, but he missed out on an extra $ 500,000 for not reaching 60 catches and 900 yards. He has a chance to earn an additional $ 250,000 if Arizona wins the NFC Championship Game, and he plays 50% of the snaps in that game.

Gronkowski’s seven-catch, 137-yard day gave him an extra $ 1 million to reach 55 catches (he had 55) and 750 yards (he had 802). He missed an extra $ 500,000 for not reaching nine touchdowns (he finished with six).

By playing 96.8% of the snaps and Arizona reaching the playoffs, Hicks earned $ 2 million extra.

Howard cashed in and earned an extra $ 3.5 million in incentives. He played in over 90% of Miami’s snaps this season (he played in 91%), and Miami improved in specific defensive categories, unlocking $ 2.5 million in cash for Howard along with a $ 1 million bonus for making Pro Bowl.

By overshadowing the 70-catch mark – Jones finished with 73 – he earned $ 500,000. I have completed seven catches where I do not have to pay $ 500,000 extra.

Ogunjobi earned $ 666,666 for his seven sacks this season. Had he reached eight sacks, that number would have risen to $ 1 million.

Smith did not get a guy Sunday against the Detroit Lions and finished with nine layoffs this season, earning $ 1.25 million in incentives. Had he finished with 10 sacks, he would have earned $ 750,000 extra.

The faithful left tackle earned $ 3.5 million already this season to overshadow 65% of the snaps (I played in 85%) and Los Angeles reached the playoffs. He could earn an additional $ 500,000 if the Rams beat Arizona on Monday night (20.15, ET, ESPN / ABC), and an additional $ 500,000 if the Rams win the Super Bowl.

Players who missed:

Free-agent wide receiver Antonio Brown missed out on nearly $ 1 million in incentives for failing to reach 50 catches, 600 yards and five touchdowns. Each of these markers would have earned him $ 333,333. He finished the season with 42 catches for 545 yards and four touchdowns.

Atlanta Falcons outside linebacker Dante Fowler Jr. missed $ 1 million by not reaching five sacks. He failed to get a Sunday and finished with 4.5.

Ravens outside linebacker Justin Houston failed to reach six sacks (he had 4.5 after not getting one on Sunday vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers), so he was unable to unlock up to $ 2 million in incentives.

New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins missed a chance to earn $ 500,000 because the Saints did not reach the playoffs.

Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones needed 10 sacks to earn $ 1.25 million. He finished with nine after not getting a Sunday against the Denver Broncos.

Carolina Panthers outside linebacker Haason Reddick missed $ 2 million in incentives – $ 1 million to fall to reach 13 sacks (he finished with 11 after getting no Sunday vs. Bucs) and another $ 1 million to miss Pro Bowl.


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