Gladbach ‘you have to be braver’ – Neuhaus

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The German team created few opportunities and was immobilized in their own field for most of the contest.

Borussia Mönchengladbach midfielder Florian Neuhaus walked away from Wednesday’s 2-0 loss to Manchester City wishing his side hadn’t so easily fallen under pressure from a record-breaking opponent.

Mönchengladbach was immobilized in his own half for most of the game, and when they gained possession, their lack of composure on the ball led to repeated draws. It wasn’t the display one would expect from a Champions League knockout team.

Neuhaus was not alone in his thinking on performance, as coach Marco Rose and his teammate Lars Stindl offered equally critical evaluations after the loss.

What did Neuhaus say?

“We wanted to be brave with our limited possibilities and I felt like we did well at times,” Neuhaus told DAZN.

“City played with a very high line and if we had been better with the last ball back, it could have been more for us. We have to be more courageous in the second leg.

“Manchester City were very good in possession, which meant we ran a lot tonight. We had the odd opportunity to transition here and there, but we didn’t execute them cleanly. “

How did others respond to the defeat?

“Especially in the first half, my players sometimes forgot how we wanted to attack, because we were busy defending,” Rose said.

“It was a bit better after the break, but we weren’t precise enough.

“In the end, it’s just a superior team. Against that team in a way like that, you have to be perfect and all the passes have to fit.”

Stindl added: “In possession we weren’t brave enough, we made too many basic mistakes and our only half chances came to the end.” We ran a lot, as we knew we would have to, but we have to admit that he deserved to lose. “

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