George Kittle beats loudly on the drum for Trey Lance

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George Kittle has great reviews on San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance.

The San Francisco 49ers could be in the middle of a quarterbacking shift, but that does not seem to bother tight-end George Kittle in the slightest, who thinks Trey Lance is an absolute… DOG!

Kittle showed up Pat McAfee Show Friday to promote Tight End U. Although he has had great success catching passes from Jimmy Garoppolo, Kittle understands that the NFL is a business. When the 49ers swapped three picks in the first round for the North Dakota State Walter Payton Award-winning quarterback, the writing was on the wall for Garoppolo, who led the 49ers in the long run.

The good news is that Kittle has seen what Lance can do in practice, so he’s a big supporter of what the 49ers have in their quarterback room.

“When Trey Lance gets a lot of reps, just be careful because some of the things I’ve seen him do in practice confuse me,” Kittle said of Lance in Friday’s episode of Pat McAfee Show.

San Francisco 49ers: George Kittle is a big supporter of Trey Lance becoming a star

So much pressure is on Lance to become a success for the 49ers. When Garoppolo is healthy enough, he will almost certainly be traded out of season. Again, San Francisco did not trade three picks in the first round because Kyle Shanahan liked “Five Guys around 3.” Lance had the highest advantage of any fit in the draft that was not named Trevor Lawrence. Undeniably raw, but so much potential …

In support of what Kittle says, he trusts the culture the 49s have in place to give Lance the best chance of success. If the 49ers have to run the ball 35 times in a match in a fever dream for Shanahan zone-blocking schemes, Kittle will be all about it. After all, he played for Kirk Ferentz in Iowa. How the 49ers adapt under center this season will determine whether they are Super Bowl viable or not.

See, the 49ers have shown that they can not only get to, but win playoff games with Garoppolo below center. The problem has been hitting a player who is more talented at the position than him (i.e. Patrick Mahomes, Matthew Stafford). The hope is that Lance can take his game up to a top level, whereas Garoppolo could only get them so far. However, he is so much better than Alex Smith and Jared Goff.

If George Kittle is completely aboard the Trey Lance hype train, then we’d better listen to the All-Pro tight end.

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