Gareth Bale’s agent lashes out at ‘idiotic’ followers

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Gareth Bale’s ‘experiment’, if we should call it that, has not been as successful as the Welshman, his agent Jonathan Barnett and Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur probably hoped.

A fanfare that greeted him on his arrival back to North London has been quickly silenced, with the winger rarely living up to perceived expectations in 2020/21.

Still on loan from Los Blancos, at this point it is doubtful that he will remain with the Spurs simply because he has not done anything worthy of making the move permanent.

Of course, Barnett has not ruled out a return to Real Madrid either. Far from it, in fact.

“He still loves Madrid,” he told

“He has no problems with the club, it is a wonderful club. It would not be a problem [for him to return]. They just have to decide if they need him back, if he can play for Madrid and all those things ”.

However, one thing that remains in Tottenham’s favor is that Barnett is understandably angry at Los Blancos’ support for the way they have consistently treated their client.

“I think in time people will realize how important Bale was to Real Madrid,” he said. WHAT.

“The fans treated him badly when they should thank him every day of his life for what he has done for the club. It is a ridiculous situation that the Real Madrid fans should be ashamed of.

What could you have done to improve your relationship with the fans? Nothing. Speak in the field. He is a footballer, that is his responsibility. Your responsibility is not to be friends with the fans.

“He did everything well on the pitch and was incredibly good with the club. He never said anything bad and won many things; Many of the great goals in the history of Real Madrid have been scored by Gareth, so when you look back, I think you will see how idiotic they have been with him ”.

Real appear to have moved on without the Welshman, so it’s hard to see how a return to the Spanish capital would work out.

However, if you are going to stay in the English capital then you really need to improve your game and not give José Mourinho any excuse not to play it.

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