Gareth Bale becomes first player to wear TRUsox crampons!

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More than a year after presenting its TRUtenacy model, the TRUsox brand registers its first ambassador, Gareth Bale.

In November 2019, TRUsox unveiled its first pair of crampons, the TRUtenacy. Specialized and above all a pioneer in the development and design of performance socks, the American brand was entering a new market: that of soccer cleats. By presenting its first football shoe, TRUsox wanted to push the vice of the foot-shoe relationship to its climax by unifying even more the famous triptych of the footballer (foot – sock – shoe). Today, this pair is found at the feet of Gareth Bale. Just that.

TRUtenacy: A big first at the feet of Gareth Bale

It is therefore with an unprecedented pair that the Welshman trained before the Europa League match against Wolfsberg. He who is still linked to adidas and who has embodied the X range for years has therefore offered a little recreation by using a product imagined in a full black color and which is noticeable only by the white dots on the heel. It is precisely thanks to this distinctive mark of the TRUsox socks that we were able to identify Bale’s crampons.

But then, why does a player like Gareth Bale use the TRUtenacy? In his history, the former Real Madrid player has long been an ambassador of the TRUsox brand. For example, when we review the images of the brilliant goal scored against Liverpool in the final of the Champions League 2018, we can easily see the famous rectangles on the socks of the Welshman. Today, the relationship of trust between the two parties goes further and Gareth Bale becomes the first football player to wear these unique crampons.

To this day, however, this model remains a technological enigma. Indeed, apart from the fact that it is a pair which is the result of more than 10 years of research, we know little about it. Of course, we know that the patented IN // EX ™ technology has been integrated into the insole in order to create an interconnection between the foot and the shoe. Based on this observation, we understand that the comfort of the liner was at the very heart of the design of this pair, long before its design for example.

And now? What future for TRUtenacy?

If the pair were therefore worn by Gareth Bale for training, it’s hard to imagine him becoming an ambassador for TRUtenacy crampons in the short term. Unlike the sock which had exploded in just a few months and thanks to word of mouth in the locker room, the pair of crampons will not be able to benefit from the same scenario. Indeed, TRUsox socks answered a problem of many professional players and also have this loophole in the contracts of players and clubs with their equipment suppliers. On the other hand, nowadays it is difficult to switch from one brand of crampons to another without being sanctioned by its sponsor.

Despite everything, the presence of the TRUtenacy at the feet of Bale calls out. He who does not wear the X Ghosted and prefers to keep the old X19.1s is no longer this important face of adidas communication. If it is still difficult to know the contractual availability of footballers, why not imagine the Welsh at the end of the contract with adidas soon and looking for a new partner. If by chance the TRUtenacy continued to be visible at the feet of the Tottenham player, the question will have to be asked. We would then enter a new era for the brand created by Jim Cherneski in 2010. After having revolutionized the world of socks, will it do the same for shoes?

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TRUTenacy, the new crampons from the sock brand TRUsox

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