Full test and review of the Puma Future Z 1.1 from Neymar, Suarez, Payet

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The PUMA Future Z has just landed and replaces the PUMA Future in place since the end of 2017. After three years of good and loyal service, it gives way to a new generation of crampons, always designed to guarantee the best support for agile players. New silhouette, new sole, new technology … We tested it for you.

After launching a Teaser Edition colorway last December, Puma Football officially unveiled the Future Z, the latest generation of the Future range launched in 2017 by the German brand. Designed for creative and dynamic players, the pair features many innovations such as the compression band FuzionFit + and the sole Dynamic Motion System. New technologies, a modern silhouette that breaks the codes of the old Future 6.1 and high-level ambassadors, the Future Z 1.1 has many advantages but what is it really worth as football boots? To find out, it’s time to test in the field using our six usual criteria.


This new silhouette marks a real break with its predecessor. At first glance, the pair looks thinner, lighter. Which is a good point when you compare it to the old one which was quite imposing even if there is almost no difference in weight between the two models. An impression of finesse reinforced by the new sole, thinner in the middle.

What is obvious about this pair is that wide black band, the FUZIONFIT + technology, it is the central element of the pair, just like the NETFIT was on the old one. An imposing element that bothered me when I discovered the pair and to which I very quickly got used to. In the end, it’s even what I prefer about the pair, especially seen above, when worn on the feet. Finally, and it is starting to be a good habit at PUMA, it offers a fairly large liner perfect for people with strong feet.



If style is the very first thing that attracts us to a pair of crampons, what will make you choose one over another, it’s comfort. From that point of view there shouldn’t be a problem with the Future, at least once the shoe is made to your feet. On the first try, I was embarrassed in two places: in the forefoot, just under the laces, and under the ankle. Hence the importance of break his shoes. From the second try, it was already better.

For the rest, the shoe uses a knit coating, ideal for the shoe to adapt to the shape of your foot. And as promised, the FUZIONFIT + compression band doesn’t feel uncomfortable.



If the previous Future kept the same sole during its three years of existence, this new version features a new Dynamic Motion System sole… in Z shape. Soft, solid and comfortable, it offers better traction and good support for the foot in changes of direction.

In general, there is a certain feeling of unity with the shoe right down to the insole. Equipped with technology NANOGRIP, it literally sticks to the foot of the player and thus gives the feeling of being accompanied in each of its movements.


To touch

The most annoying point of this PUMA Future Z, not that the result is not satisfactory. We have a very good touch thanks to a thin “second skin” coating, coupled with a good grip thanks to GripControl Pro technology. What is annoying is not to find the same coating as on la PUMA Future Z Teaser Edition de Neymar. It was slightly thicker, but also softer, with a very nice thin layer of foam. A small regret that does not detract from the quality of the shoe. And we know PUMA is fond of frequent changes to its crampons so maybe we will see the coating land in the future.



For this point, everything will depend on how you are going to maintain your pair. After several use on a wet synthetic pitch, our pair did not require a lot of maintenance, only a correct drying. If the Flyknit part will be as usual the most fragile and the most prone to the stains, the part covered with synthetic will be cleaned more easily. If you take care of it, there is no need to worry about the durability of your shoe.


Quality / price ratio

200 € is the price of this PUMA Future Z 1.1. It’s not cheap, we agree, but it’s still cheaper than the models of the German brand’s competitors, Nike and Adidas, while the quality is similar. Another positive point for this Future Z then.



In just a few months, PUMA has completely revamped its range of crampons. We said goodbye to the One and the Future to welcome the Ultra and therefore the Future Z. The first was a success, and for me, this second is too. More modern, thinner, it is more advanced than the previous one and should appeal to many. Represented by Neymar, she has every chance to convince new players, professionals and amateurs, to be tempted by PUMA.

Global mark


Rated out of 10

  • Style

  • Comfort

  • Maneuverability

  • To touch

  • Durability

  • Quality / price ratio

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