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Going from Nike to adidas could almost be the buzzword with players changing sponsors right now. The latest is none other than Leon Goretzka of Bayern Munich.

A little over a year ago, when the second generation of the Phantom Vision was launched, Leon Goretzka was to become one of the silo’s ambassadors and emerged as one of the brand’s hopes at the comma. Since then, water has flowed under the bridges. The player has finally never embodied this pair of crampons, the Phantom Vision 2 has given way to the Phantom GT and the Bayern Munich player is now training in adidas! Once again, Nike is on the verge of losing a player from its fold and it is adidas who should get it back.

Special make-up of its Mercurial Superfly 7

Announced as a Phantom player at the beginning of 2020, Goretzka has never let go of his Mercurial Superfly. If he had used the first generation of the Phantom Vision well when it was released in 2018, the former Bochum and Schalke 04 player has finally found his bearings with Nike’s speed range in recent months. However, during the last match between Bayern Munich and Eintracht Frankfurt, it is with a very different version that he evolved since he had taken care to make up his pair in order to hide the brand and the model at his feet. . A “house” customization and slightly random since only the lower part of the pair was tinted black while the top of the rod highlighted the yellow and therefore the “Daybreak” color of the Mercurial.

Already seen in training with this pair in the middle of last week, Leon Goretzka is therefore extending the list of players who should leave Nike in the coming days or weeks. Like a Varane who signed with Puma, a Thiago Alcantara who seems close to adidas as well as Sergio Ramos, Goretzka could also leave the ship very soon.

Goretzka: from the Mercurial Superfly… to the bass Predator Freak!

And whoever says leaving Nike necessarily means joining another sponsor. As for several months already, it is inevitably Puma and adidas which could be the most favorable to welcome the German international. If he has never appeared with a pair of Puma before, he has however already trained with an adidas, the Predator Freak in its low version and with laces. An astonishing choice for this player since this silo is not normally a continuation of the Mercurial range that he has been using for almost two years, but which clearly shows that this silo is starting to take up more and more space.


If he trained with this pair in the last session before the game against Lazio, it’s unclear if he will evolve with them in the game or if he will continue to use his pair of Camouflaged Mercurial Superfly 7. One thing is certain however, it already seems far from Nike.

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