Free agent RB Peterson will continue to play

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RENTON, Wash. – After a talk with Pete Carroll, Adrian Peterson has begun to consider an aftermath career as a coach. For now, however, the 36-year-old running back plans to continue his Hall of Fame career in 2022.

Peterson ended his 15th NFL season on injured reserve with the Seattle Seahawks, who closed out their 7-10 season with a win over the Arizona Cardinals Sunday. Peterson joined their training team in early December and played in one game before injuring his back.

Peterson, who will be a free agent, said Monday that he has not spoken to team officials about a return to the Seahawks, but wants to continue playing.

“I just can not fathom that my career ends the way it did,” he said. “So with that, I go into the offseason with the mindset of continuing to play. I still love the game. I feel like I can compete at a high level still and with an offseason under my belt, with the mindset – – Because I’m stronger than I was last year, mentally – with the mindset that I would go into this offseason with, I feel like I’ll be able to do some incredible things, get healthy and just grind this offseason with a different mentality. So from today I am definitely looking forward to playing again. “

The Seahawks were virtually eliminated from the playoffs when they bought Peterson, but believed he could have a positive impact on their younger players. This proved especially true with fourth-year Rashaad Penny, whose late-season explosion coincided with Peterson’s arrival.

Penny, who led the NFL with 671 rushing yards over the last five games and scored six touchdowns in that time, constantly quoted how much he benefited from watching Peterson and sucking in his wisdom.

“I feel like one of the biggest people I was able to influence was Penny,” Peterson said. “He did not back down. He did not back down to ask questions and try to pick my brain. ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ Not only did he just ask, he actually acted out of it too. He has been doing things all week to help his body recover, to keep his body in shape. “

Carroll saw the same thing. That was part of the reason he recently brought Peterson up for the possibility of a possible switch to coaching.

Before that, he had never considered training other than maybe his son’s little league team.

“But after talking to coach Pete, that’s something I’ve been thinking about,” Peterson said. “I also talked to my wife and she said, ‘Adrian, you’re just another person when you’re around football, and it turns out. So that’s something you really need to think about and consider. “So for the first time, I’ve actually thought about it and considered going in that direction if and when I’m done playing football. Then we’ll see where the chips go. falling.”

In his lone game with the Seahawks, Peterson scored a touchdown to tie Jim Brown to a 10th place finish on the NFL’s all-time TD list.

“The experience was top notch,” he said of his time with Seattle. “I’ve been blessed to play with a lot of different organizations, and I can say that this is definitely the best experience I’ve had.”

Peterson is number five in NFL history with 14,918 career rushing yards.


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