Frank Lampard greets Christian Pulisic’s ‘amazing gift’ after Leeds goal

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Frank Lampard has praised Christian Pulisic after the winger scored his first Premier League goal of the season in Chelsea’s 3-1 win over Leeds.

The United States international is off to a disjointed start to this season, after a hamstring injury sustained in the FA Cup final in August caused him to miss the start of this season.

The 22-year-old had only made four league appearances this season before replacing an injured Hakim Ziyech in the 30th minute on Saturday, and Lampard was impressed with the impact Pulisic had.

“It has been a difficult period for him with the injury and he is frustrated because he wants to play, after having played 65 minutes in Seville I knew that this match would have a lot of energy for the players and I thought it was prudent to start with him on the bench. “said Lampard, quoted by objective.

“My plan was probably to give him 30 minutes, but play the period of the game that he played, with the intensity of the game and get his goal.

“He has an incredible gift, it sounds simple but to go into the six-yard box like a wide man, because that’s where the goals are. So I was glad he got his goal and now he’s only going to get stronger.”

Chelsea’s victory meant they finished the day atop the Premier League for the first time since September 2018, leaving fans in hopes of a title.

Olivier giroud
Fans returned to Stamford Bridge for the first time since March | Pool / Getty Images

“There is certainly nothing wrong with fans thinking that [we can win the title]. It’s great to have them back, their participation was huge, the noise was huge, “added Lampard.” You can see how excited they are at the end that we are the best in the league.

“My job and our job is to know that it is a long season and the next question is how consistent can we be with this form, how much can we improve because I think there is much more we can do and there will be a lot of challenges ahead.”

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