Football Boots Basics | Picking The Right Football Shoes | Wide & Flat Foot | Laceless or Laces

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Football Boots Basics | Picking The Right Football Shoes | Wide & Flat Foot | Laceless or Laces

How do you know which football boots are right for you? That is a perfect question. Let’s pretend that I did not tell him to ask me that. How do you choose the right football boots with all these options?

There are five options, but when you go through stores, you like boots and boots, so come here. Let me show you. What’s your budget? How much money do you have? Do you have daddy’s money?

Is money not an issue? That’s something else. Are you on a tight budget? That narrows things down, but for now, let’s assume that money is not an issue. These are the latest shoes by Adidas.

You see them on TV; you see players playing with them, and you see them in front of the store marketing. Some of them are good, and some of them are great. For example, if you have flat feet or wide feet, you want to buy something that is narrow or wide, respectively. From Adidas, all these boots are okay. There is one boot, Copper Sense Three.

This is the new color, and it has everything you want. It’s good for people with flat feet and white feet. If you have white feet, all you have to do is try it. If you’re uncomfortable, then you put insoles because, most likely, your feet do not have an arc. It’s flat, right?

But I have flat feet, and I have never used insoles in my life, so that’s one! Then you look at the bottom. When you wear this, I tried it once, and you feel you have all the balance in the world. Some boots are not good for you, and the most important part is the thickness of the layer on top because football is a contact sport, and in football, there will be moments where you get hit.


If your shoes do not have enough protection, laugh right now.

But when you get hit, I’ll laugh. When there is not enough protection, then you will break your bone. So, protection based at the bottom and the shape of your foot is everything. Now let’s talk about one more thing. Same boot, but laceless, which one do you think is the right one for you?

What do you think why it gives you like? You can have more security on you. You can be more secure, yeah, because of football boots. It needs to be tight on your foot. It’s not like a normal running shoe.

It needs to be your feet have to be exactly the same size as the shoe. There should not be any gap in front of your shoe, yeah. So, once you get something without laces within a few weeks, this will open up and then your feet will not be solid inside the boots. But again, if you want something without laces, this one from Adidas is super. One last tip, because I hear this all the time, people say I need a light boot.

Football Boots Basics | Picking The Right Football Shoes | Wide & Flat Foot | Laceless or Laces

Weight of the boots

Now, this one is the lightest in Adidas, right? Okay, light, yeah. Is there a lot of difference? Is this like a brick and you can’t walk with it slightly light? This is a little heavier.

You can’t even feel it, right? So, all these stupid things in your head that the coach wants you to wear a brick, think better because it will protect you. What is the entire purpose of wearing a shoe? To protect you on the pitch, otherwise play benefit. Sir, questions?

No, oh and one last thing, you tell me, Michael, Adidas; they have great boots. Nike has great boots. Thank you.

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