Florian Thauvin now in adidas Nemeziz!

Neymar Jr enters the NFT World #sho...
Neymar Jr enters the NFT World #shorts #nfts #neymar

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While we thought his story with the crampons finally closed, Florian Thauvin is again at the heart of a change since he now evolves into adidas Nemeziz.

First there was the Wizwedge episode, then a pair of masked Ultra, then the Mercurial Vapor 13 from the Neighborhoods pack and finally the adidas X Ghosted.1 for a few weeks. Since the start of the year, Florian Thauvin seems to have been willing to play tricks on us to finally know which brand and model of crampons he will evolve with. Because it seemed too easy for some time, the French international changes once again! The brand remains the same, adidas, but it is now the Nemeziz 19.1 which is at its feet.

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While the player seemed to be out of contract with adidas since the end of last year and that for the moment, neither he nor adidas has yet formalized a new partnership, the rapprochement between Thauvin and adidas seems inevitable and does. to switch from the X Ghosted.1 to the Nemeziz seems more of an adjustment than a real test of the brand. After using the X range associated with speed, it is the notion of agility that transpires from the Nemeziz. In the continuity of a player like Valère Germain who wears this model, but also Luis Enrique, it is therefore Thauvin’s turn to be a new ambassador for Nemeziz at OM.

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If the two players mentioned above are wearing the latest Nemeziz.1 and the Precision to Blur colorway, it is interesting to note that Thauvin is wearing the InFlight colorway and especially the older generation, the Nemeziz 19.1. So what will Thauvin choose? X Ghosted or Nemeziz? The bets have been made.

Photo credits: Twitter @Om