Flores wants case vs. Dolphins heard in court

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Brian Flores wants the NFL to reject the Miami Dolphins’ request for an arbitration hearing regarding his class action lawsuit against the team and the league alleging racist hiring practices.

Flores’ lawyer sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday urging him to reject Miami’s request and have the case settled in court.

“Arbitration is not transparent,” attorney Douglas H. Wigdor wrote in his letter. “Arbitration is, by its very nature, a secretive process that takes place behind closed doors and outside the eyes of the public. The lack of transparency in arbitration only serves to continue the status quo – which in this case is one that you have admitted.” must be fairly evaluated and potentially inspected. It can not happen in arbitration. In addition to being secretive and confidential, it is a well-accepted fact that arbitration constitutes a barrier to justice for victims of discrimination and other offenses. “

Flores, hired as a senior defensive assistant for the Pittsburgh Steelers last month, filed his lawsuit against the NFL, Dolphins, New York Giants and Denver Broncos after his firing from Miami. Flores led the Dolphins to consecutive winning seasons before being fired in January.

“The allegations we made involve important issues of systemic racial discrimination and the integrity of NFL football games,” Flores said in a statement from his attorney. “Unfortunately, the Dolphins and their lawyers, Quinn Emanuel and Paul Weiss, are trying to push the claims against the Dolphins into secret arbitration cases that lack transparency. There are currently ongoing legislative efforts to end forced arbitration for allegations of racial discrimination, which I fully support. I hope that the NFL and the Dolphins will also support these efforts, and that Commissioner Goodell now has a choice to make. way?

Flores’ lawsuit alleges that the league has discriminated against him and other black coaches on racial grounds, denying them positions as head coaches, offensive and defensive coordinators and quarterbacks coaches, as well as general managers. Flores also claims that Miami offered him $ 100,000 per loss during his first season with the team in 2019 in an attempt to receive a top draft.

The NFL has maintained that the lawsuit is “without merit,” though Goodell said before the Super Bowl that “all of the allegations, whether based on racism or discrimination or the integrity of our game, were all very troubling to me.”

The Dolphins requested the arbitration hearing last month.

“We also hope that the dolphins, after reading this letter and reflecting further, will reconsider their position and withdraw their arbitration request so that Mr Flores’ allegations of racial discrimination and other illegal conduct can be heard in a fair and transparent manner. , before a judge and a jury of his peers, “Wigdor wrote to Goodell. “If the NFL is really committed to ‘stopping racism’, as it has repeatedly claimed, the league will reject Miami’s request for arbitration. Racial discrimination cannot be eradicated behind closed doors and the integrity of the game depends on transparency.”


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