Find the best soccer ball on the market

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Choose the best soccer ball on the market

Are you looking for the best soccer ball on the market, a new self-training ball, winter, the garden, freestyle, or a normal football? Whatever you are looking for, have a look here.


best soccer ball on the market

This ball is the Bundesliga ball for the season. This ball is not the official ball, but a copy of the official. This is not necessarily a bad thing because the price drops significantly.

The ball has an extra durable upper, a soft upper, so you get an extra good ball contact and the ball is a hand-sewn construction.

The color of the ball is orange, making it perfect for winter, as orange is much easier to see in the snow than any other color. In addition, the “bladder”, where the air is pumped in, is made of special rubber. Then you are sure that the air loss is minimal.

The ball also swears well in the air, it does not break in the air, such as Adidas’ Jabulani had during the World Cup in 2010.

  • Easy to see in winter
  • Durable upper

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The new champion’s league match ball is in a class of its own and has been improved since last year. The ball here is a replica of the official ball. However, the ball is still made from some of the best quality materials on the market. 

The ball has a good float in the air, while it does not break. One reason is that the surface of the ball is thermally glued, so the ball has a more predictable path through the air. 

The soccer ball has been through FIFA’s very tough tests, where so many outrageous demands are placed on the ball, and has been approved by FIFA.

  • Thermally glued
  • Approved by FIFA


Selects Diamond football is made for the slightly more junky matches, at home in the garden, and for those who make a little more out of football, with a little self-training.

They make the ball of a special material called FFPUS 1200; they cover it with a kind of foam, so the ball is softer to kick to if you do not have the right footwear on.

The “bladder” balance point on the soccer ball has been moved so that the ball can have perfect balance and a real bounce. The ball also has a nice swear in the air, and when the soccer ball is hit perfectly, you can count on it sitting exactly where it should. 

It does not swerve out of its orbit.

The ball has been approved by IMS (International Match Standard).

  • Good for the garden or self-training
  • Approved by IMS

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Are you more into doing naughty tricks with the ball? Do you love gathering your friends for a football game in your neighborhood? So read on here.

Monta Freestyle football is designed specifically for the freestylers and their tricks, and the football matches on the street. They make the ball with a softer touch and a higher bounce, as it is important for a freestyler to keep the ball up in the air for a long time. 

The ball rolls better on a hard surface than on a soft surface, eg grass.

With that said, they forbid it to use it on grass. The ball can easily be used on the turf, but the ball is now designed and is best on a hard surface.

  • Perfect for freestyle and football matches on the street

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If you dislike the new Champions League ball, read on here. 

The Adidas Capitano Europa League is a replica of the official match ball to be used in this year’s edition of the Europa League.

The ball is hand sewn and has an extra durable material, which makes the ball more durable, thus ensuring a longer service life. The ball’s bladder is a butyl bladder, so the ball holds the air much better.

They design the ball for the cozy days in the garden or with friends, as it is not a definite match ball. This does not mean that they do not allow you to play a match against your friends, but more that it is not a ball that is used in official club matches.

  • Extra durable
  • Just for the fight against friends or the garden

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Are you the ultimate football fan? Are you interested in football? Do you want an official ball, instead of a replica of the official one? Whoever you are of these, you want to grab this Nike Football Ordem V Hi-Vis Premier League. The ball is, as the name suggests, used in the premier league, but they also use it in other major leagues such as Serie A and La liga Santander.

Nike has equipped the ball with their Aerowtrac grooves, which stabilize the ball’s trajectory in the air. This allows you to have control over your passes at all times, without you having to worry about the ball not floating into a lane, thus making passes inaccurate.

Nike has equipped the ball with a special latex bladder. It holds great on the air in the ball, and a wonderful touch on the ball.

  • Official match ball
  • Aerowtrac grooves

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Adidas has finally unveiled the new match ball to be used at next year’s 

World Cup. If you think the name of the ball reminds you of something specific, I can tell you that the ball was made with the first Adidas ball that was used at in the first match in the back of my mind. It is the ball Telstar, which was used at the World Cup in Mexico.

The design of the ball is characterized by the World Cup ball from 1970, while taking the best from the World Cup ball Brazuca in 2014, and has put many of the new technologies in the ball. The ball has completed the rigorous test, so you are sure that the ball meets all the requirements of an official match ball.

Something new Adidas has to do is put an NFC computer chip in the ball. The chip makes it possible to use the ball’s data using a smartphone. This allows you to get a lot of recent information about the ball. Incidentally, it is the first match ball with an NFC computer chip built-in.

  • NFC computer chip built-in
  • Official match ball for the World Cup in 2018

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