Find Cheap Football Boots – How To Do It ?

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When you look at the vast selection of football boots, you will also find out that there are versions in all price ranges. From the very cheap football boots to around $50, to the very expensive ones that come close to $300. And having to put an amount of that size can be a little too much for the player who has no ambitions for a national team and Superleague.

You wish to have the best football boots you can get, because your feet must be well and you want to hit the target just once in a while. And again we also accept that they can be pleasant to look at and if they can even be in the latest series, then you would be satisfied. And who says no to that?

Therefore, in this article I will give you tips on how to get football boots cheaply and with the best quality.

Why choose cheap football boots?

“Do you not get more quality when you give a little more?” Yes, you usually do. At least you get more technology. Companies like Nike and Adidas are constantly working to make their football boots better and different and one way to do that is to develop new features on the boots such as triple-layer on the forefoot for better control, a chip in the sole so you can track your performance, laces on the side or special suspension systems in the boot.

And that does not sound good, does it? “Look, I just bought the new Nike football boots with special suspension, All Conditions Control and kangaroo leather” – but do you really need it?

One of the first criteria for finding football boots cheaper is to be realistic about one’s own level. The time you spend playing football and what level you are playing at. Two weekly training sessions and one match in Serie 4 might justify the most expensive Adidas football boots, if we look at it financially.

Because whether you buy the expensive or the cheap boots, it is up to your maintenance how long they last. If you are the type who is not good at maintaining your football boots, we have another argument for not emptying the purse to get the latest and most expensive Nikes home. And here we can so elegantly move on to the next item on the list:


Football boots do not in themselves get cheaper because you are good at maintaining them. But instead of having to buy new boots every year, and thus avoid having to play with new football boots every year with consequent sore feet and increased risk of injury, you may be content to buy new boots every other, or maybe every Third year. And then the price is lowered by 50% or 66% – and that’s very heavy.

You can read much more about how to care for your football boots in the great guide here .

Where can I find cheap football boots?

There is no single answer to that, other than: Everywhere. The net is abounding with countless shops selling football boots, so there are wonderful opportunities to go to work thoroughly and find the best price. However, it must be said that the price is similar across various shops.

Rarely do you find a basic price that is different, but you may be lucky to get past a sale. Here, comparison sites can be an excellent opportunity to quickly compare prices from many shops at once.

You can also go out to the physical stores, whether it’s Stadium, Intersport, Sportsmaster or whatever we now call them. Here, however, you will typically encounter either the same prices, or higher prices. Just like with other items – again unless they are on offer. One argument for going to the stores may be the extra service, but it does not have much to do with the price.

Can you buy football boots too cheap?

The quick answer is: it can. However, if you have reconciled your purchase in relation to your level. The first point, the risk that you have been too stingy, is considerably reduced. And there is also no guarantee that the expensive boots last longer or are more comfortable to play in, right? And what if you find out that the desire disappears, or time does and you have spent DKK 1,800 on a pair of boots you will never use again? So now it would have been nice to have bought a pair of cheap football boots, would not?

So yes, it can of course get too cheap, but it can get too expensive much faster – and that’s what we want to avoid, right? Otherwise you did not want to read this article 🙂

Used football boots

Finally, you enter the used market. There are many pages where you can buy used, from DBA to Gul & Gratis and TrendSales to groups on Facebook where there are several groups where you can buy, exchange and sell clothes and shoes. Be a little careful with used football boots, it can not hurt to be a little extra careful when looking at the boots. We can check the actual properties of the boots online, but you must see for yourself how worn they are. You can be lucky to find a pair of cheap football boots that can last two seasons, or that can last just a single season if you are a new starter, for example.

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