Fighter finally comes to his senses and fires Joe Judge

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The New York Giants have reportedly parted ways with head coach Joe Judge after two seasons.

It seems like the New York Giants are cleaning up, as they have reportedly fired head coach Joe Judge after two seasons.

While there were moments during his first year on the job where it looked like the Giants were heading in the right direction, they transitioned to the saddest football team in the 2021 campaign. This team was terribly constructed and the Giants seemed to get worse from the game. At the end of the season, it was like watching a bad high school team play football. They were completely rotten.

The Giants also saw former general manager Dave Gettleman retire after this disastrous season.

The New York Giants are firing head coach Joe Judge after two seasons on the job

If this is not the bottom of the Giants, can it get lower at all? They look significantly worse than stadium rival New York Jets, who are extremely pathetic in the AFC East. At least they have a head coach, a general manager, a young quarterback and a direction they are going in. The Giants are a proud organization, but one that seems to make one bad appointment after another.

This is the cornerstone of the NFL franchise in the nation’s largest media market. Since Tom Coughlin left the organization, it has been one Ben McAdoo after another. The former New England specialty team coach actually ran a quarterback sneak on a third-and-9 from their own 10-yard line. The Giants may have two top-10 picks, but they are worse than the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Whoever replaces Gettleman and Judge has to get their hands cleaned up in this dirty mess.

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