FIFA president dismisses claims that VAR should be removed

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As reported by the BBCFIFA President Gianni Infantino has dismissed claims by the likes of Jordan Henderson and Jack Grealish that the VAR should be removed.

The VAR has polarized opinion from the beginning, but never before as it has been in this campaign before. As the BBC reports, England internationals Henderson and Grealish, who are captains of their respective clubs Liverpool and Aston Villa, have publicly called for its use in football to cease.

While that’s probably not a widely held view in the game, there are few, certainly in England, who are happy with the way it’s currently being implemented.

Infantino, while dismissing the idea that it should be scrapped, acknowledges it. His comments are actually unusually fair and measured for a FIFA president. The BBC quotes him as saying:

“We must remember that VAR was first introduced two years ago, not 20 years ago. The VAR is helping football, it is certainly not hurting it ”.

“We should not be confused between VAR and sometimes wrong decisions that are made due to the wrong way VAR is used, perhaps in some places due to the inexperience of those who are using VAR. Let’s not forget that this is a historic change for a referee who did not grow up with VAR. “

“We have to take the pulse of what is happening, take the criticism and analyze it.”

There will always be initial problems with such a revolutionary alteration in football, but VAR will perform much better in five years or so.

We just have to put up with this period of bad refereeing before they get it right. But, bad refereeing is the reason VAR came into play to begin with, so we can put up with it for now.

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