Fernandes abandons technique to score for Manchester United

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Manchester United took the lead again against Aston Villa tonight through Bruno Fernandes, and yes, it was from the penalty spot.

United initially took the lead in the first half, with Anthony Martial finding the back of the net. However, following an error in judgment by Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Aston Villa drew through Bertrand Traore.

Considering that United can match Premier League leaders Liverpool with a win at Old Trafford tonight, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will have made it clear to his players that one point would not be enough.

Bruno Fernandes, who has won United a few points on his own this season, has once again set the Red Devils on track to victory, finishing emphatically from the penalty spot.

Fernandes ditched his signature ‘jump, jump and jump’ technique, which has seen Jorginho polish his lines three times this season, opting instead to crush it in the bottom corner.

With this evidence, that was a wise decision by the midfielder.

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