Fearing for his life, Penang FC’s ‘Klopp’ fled former club after just ONE match

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New Panthers coach Tomas Trucha had been the Leopards’ head coach for just a month before being appointed by the Malaysian club.

In need of a new coach due to the lack of an AFC professional coach license, former coach Manzoor Azwira, newly promoted Penang FC from the Malaysian Super League recently landed on Czech head coach Tomas Trucha.

While he has attracted the attention of Malaysian fans mainly due to similarities in his appearance to a German Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp, the story that took place just before his arrival in Malaysia also deserves attention.

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According to reports in the Kenyan and African press, as well as the Kenya edition of objectiveJust before joining the Panthers, the 49-year-old coach had strangely left the AFC Leopards of the Kenyan Premier League just a month after his appointment.

Trucha was appointed to the head coach position in early November prior to the league’s 2020-2021 season and, despite having received a two-year contract, he reportedly later left the team after just a match; a 2-1 win in the season opener at home against Tusker on November 28.

According to news reports, Trout and his manager, Prince Channis, have received physical threats from those claiming to be members of the club.

“It is unfortunate that some people who call themselves our members are trying to destabilize our team. They have seen us do it well and surely they are not happy.

“We beat Tusker in the first match and there is no comment on our social media pages if we had lost that match, you could have seen a lot of negative comments. But we know that we have people posing as AFC Leopards members and fans, but in the real sense, they are not, ”Leopards president Dan Shikanda explained, quoted by the Kenya edition of objective on December 2.

AFC Leopards SC coach Tomas Trucha and Dan Shikanda.

Dan Shikanda and Tomas Trucha. Photo by AFC Leopards

Just a day earlier, a source said there were people trying to interfere with Trucha’s work at the club.

“[Trucha] he is not happy with some officials who are pressuring some players to get involved in games.

“He has made his position known to those who want to participate in the selection of the squad and will communicate it to the president at the meeting on Tuesday night,” a source close to the club told the Kenyan edition of objective.

The Czech coach was quick to make a decision. On December 4, the club announced that they had accepted his resignation.

“Today, we accept the resignation of Tomas Trucha as head coach, effective immediately. This is because the coach feels that his safety is not guaranteed and that his coach, Mr. Prince Channis, has been threatened by people who allegedly they are supporters of Ingwe. This is disturbing and unacceptable to anyone claiming to be a supporter of this esteemed club.

“It is true that the AFC Leopards fans stand at the highest level and put the club and the public above all else. At this time, the remaining technical bench will take over as we consider a replacement.

“On behalf of the management, we thank Trucha for his contributions to the club and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

While local media has not conclusively revealed the real reason behind his hasty departure, the Leopards have been a club in crisis for some time. His previous permanent boss, Casa Mbungo, had left in 2019 due to financial problems that arose at the club, while the consequences of Trucha’s departure have led to an exchange of accusations between the club’s board and a former player.

Just one day after his resignation, Tuchel was announced as the Panthers’ new head coach. You surely expect a calmer work environment on the north side of Peninsular Malaysia.

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