Falke brings red helmets back in 2022 to reach the NFL uniform nirvana

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The Atlanta Falcons bring a beloved old look back to 2022 with a red helmet highlighting their 1966 throwback uniforms.

The Falcons have something special for fans to enjoy in Week 6 thanks to a recurring look that pays homage to their 1966 team.

For the first time since 2013, familiar black jerseys will be paired with a classic red helmet for the October 16 throwback event against the 49ers.

The team revealed the appearance on social media to wide praise.

Falke brings red helmets back in 2022 to reach the NFL uniform nirvana

The helmet has a throwback logo, a white and black stripe and gold edge. It has a gray face mask. It’s a tribute to the helmets the team wore from 1966 to 1969, which were actually designed with Georgia’s and Georgia Tech’s color schemes in mind.

As for the jerseys, they will be black with white numbers and red-white trim. The trousers are white with red and black stripes.

Here’s how fans reacted:

Atlanta wore similar uniforms twice a year from 2009-13, but the NFL changed rules to prevent teams from changing their helmets. When the throwbacks came back, they wore a black helmet instead.

Fortunately, the NFL has updated its policies to allow teams to get funky with their helmets once again, allowing alternating with throwback and color-rush looks.

It’s going to be fun to see Kyle Pitts and the rest rock those uniforms for the fall. The only complaint is that it will only exist in one game.

Now that the red helmet is back, fans can also increase the call for a red-on-red look in the future.

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