Euro 2020: Will the 2021 final be postponed or canceled?

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Given that Covid-19 remains a threat, could the tournament be delayed for another year or canceled entirely?

After being postponed for a year (but with the name of the tournament unchanged), Euro 2020 is tenaciously prepared for this summer despite the Covid-19 pandemic still ravaging Europe.

The UEFA continental tournament is a highly anticipated event, but doubts remain as to whether it will take place this year due to Covid-19.

So will Euro 2020 be canceled again or will it be postponed? objective check out.

Will Euro 2020 go ahead?

With Europe still struggling to contain Covid-19 and infection rates across the continent still high nearly a year after the pandemic, it is hard to imagine the European Championship taking place in its originally planned iteration this summer.

What makes things difficult is that Euro 2020 was planned as a one-off multi-nation event to celebrate its 60th anniversary, with multiple European countries hosting the finals rather than just one.

The constant threat of Covid-19 and the requirement of multiple travel routes between countries for players, staff, fans and media would undoubtedly exacerbate the virus infection rate.

With death rates and infection rates still alarmingly high, stadiums are likely not to be filled to capacity with fans this summer.

The introduction and launch of the Covid-19 vaccines, however, could suggest that not all games will be played behind closed doors, but that will still require that a large majority of fans have already been vaccinated before traveling to the tournament.

With healthcare workers, seniors and essential workers at the top of the vaccination list and the rest of the population will not be eligible for a vaccine until months later, herd immunity would be difficult to achieve by the summer.

Julian Knight, chairman of the UK’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee, had expressed doubts that Euro 2020 will be run in its pure original form, saying: “I’m starting to wonder if the likes of the rescheduled Euro tournament of the Summer will be open to go ahead as planned in 12 countries. “

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Discarding the entire tournament or delaying it once again is believed to be too financially disastrous, but UEFA will likely have to restructure its plans for the finals this summer.

A possibility, but highly unlikely, say UEFA sources, according to ESPN, is that the tournament will be played behind closed doors in a single country.

They claim that strictly enforced bubbles will be implemented for each competing team in one country, similar to how the Champions League and Europa League were held last season in a single country: Portugal and Germany, respectively.

UEFA stated in December that they remain committed to their multi-city format, although if the Covid-19 infection rate does not improve in the spring, they should seek other avenues in line with public health standards.

“UEFA intends to host Euro 2020 in the format and venues confirmed early last year and we are working closely with all host cities in the preparations,” the governing body said in a statement in December.

UEFA has stated that more details will be released in early March on how each host country will carry out their plans for this summer. Currently, the Euro 2020 matches will take place in London, Glasgow, Dublin, Bilbao, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Munich, Rome, Saint Petersburg, Bucharest, Budapest and Baku.


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