Erling Haaland receives special Golden Boy studs

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2020 Golden Boy winner and real star in the making Erling Haaland received a brand new pair of crampons from Nike.

Barely a year ago, Erling Braut Haaland arrived on the grounds of the German championship and crushed everything in his path. At the same time, the Norwegian international stood out for the absence of the Nike comma on his crampons. A strong choice on the part of the BVB player and which will ultimately remain as one of the anecdotes of the year since for several months now, the swoosh is back on the crampons of Erling Haaland and the idyll between the young gifted and the brand American is still relevant today.

Determined to use the growing aura of its serial scorer, Nike did not hesitate to name Haaland ambassador of the Mercurial Dream Speed ​​range when colorway # 003 was released last October. Like other big names like Bruno Fernandes, Ansu Fati or Vinicus Jr, Erling Braut Haaland now embodies this range alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappé. If the swoosh brand seems to be losing players every day at the moment, the names of those still under contract are at a fairly exceptional level. The BVB striker is a perfect example of this as he was recently awarded the Golden Boy title, the title of best player under 21.

It is moreover to celebrate this victory and the fact that Haaland has won the charts at Mbbappé, Martial or even Sterling… that Nike has decided to offer him its first pair of personalized crampons. Based on the “classic” Mercurial Vapor 13, this pair is distinguished by a black base and embellished with a swoosh and several gold markings. We find of course the comma but also at the heel the inscription “Gull Gutt” which is the translation of Golden Boy in Norwegian. The Norwegian flag and Haaland’s name are also visible on what is the first pair truly dedicated to the young prodigy. A first step towards a signature shoes in the months or years to come? Like Jadon Sancho, who recently inherited his very first signature shoes, Erling Haaland’s marketing potential still seems far from being at its peak and Nike’s little attentions to his protege should become increasingly important. …

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