Eduardo Camavinga finally chooses a new agent

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It took just over a week, but Eduardo Camavinga from Rennes has finally announced who will be his new agent.

The young man had decided to leave Moussa Sissoko and, according to BRAND it has now chosen to align itself with Jonathan Barnett’s Stellar Group.

Of course, Barnett will be well known at Real Madrid, as he is Gareth Bale’s agent.

Camavinga has reportedly long been a target for Zinedine Zidane and Los Blancos, and the fact that he is now with a stable that has mutual respect with the club suggests that a deal could very well be made in the future.

Of course, if everyone is willing, a deal will always be made for a player in some way, but it is an accepted fact that some clubs find dealing with certain agents less complicated than others.

Jorge Mendes and his business with Wolverhampton Wanderers is a good example.

Barnett has all the aces now, of course.

With Bale installed in North London at the Spurs, he could negotiate a deal for the Welshman to remain there permanently while he hands Real the Camavinga carrot if Real play ball.

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