Director praises Arsenal loan as ‘so professional’ and ‘worth every penny’

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Hertha Berlin sporting director Arne Friedrich has praised the motivation and professionalism of Arsenal loan officer Matteo Guendouzi.

Guendouzi signed on loan from the Bundesliga in the summer after two mixed seasons at Arsenal. The Frenchman showed promise in his freshman year, but he wasn’t the same last season.

His situation at Arsenal worsened when he was sent off towards the end of last season for a clash with Neal Maupay against Brighton. From then on he did not play.

At first, Arsenal struggled to find a receiver for the French Under-21 international, and had to wait until the deadline to get it off the books. Following a recommendation from the former Germany and Arsenal defender Per Mertesacker, Hertha Berlin submitted a loan offer.

The start of Guendouzi’s life at his new club was delayed due to his quarantine, but he has since made three starts and one appearance as a substitute in the Bundesliga.

Hertha has liked what they have seen of him so far, both in training and on the pitch. In fact, former German star Friedrich speaks highly of her recent recruit.

“He is a fantastic player,” Friedrich said, via Sun..

“We spoke with Arsenal before the transfer, obviously, and I also spoke with Per Mertesacker, with whom I played for the national team.

“Our relationship is very honest, very transparent, and he had already said that it has such good quality and he already showed it.

“From the first day he came here to Germany on, he had to go into quarantine. I don’t know what happened, I think he or someone else tested positive, so he had to sit in the hotel for the first two weeks here in a new city.

“He was very professional and we brought him some gear, a bike to work on and he was very, very ambitious to hit the field as soon as possible.

“Since then, every day he shows in training how good a player he is.

“It is so calm. He wants every ball, even under pressure. “

Guendouzi ‘worth every penny’

It is not only his technical ability that has stood out, but also his mindset. Friedrich added: “He has his own understanding that he wants to win games.

“He has this intrinsic motivation to show the world how good he is. This is what we need, this is what everyone needs and he has a lot of confidence, which is also very important for our team because our team is still looking for structure.

“We are very, very happy to have him here and he is worth every penny.”

Guendouzi remains under contract with Arsenal until 2022. Therefore, the club will have to make a decision with him next summer.

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