Diontae Johnson has message to Steelers doubters, guaranteeing victory over Chiefs

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Diontae Johnson has a message for those who doubt the Pittsburgh Steelers this post-season.

Ahead of the long-awaited TikTok Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and Pittsburgh Steelers, wide receiver Diontae Johnson tells all Pittsburgh doubters that the wagon is about to be full.

With Wild Card Weekend fast approaching in the NFL, there is no bigger underdog than the No. 7-seeded Steelers. They only came in the playoffs with the skin of their teeth. The Steelers had to lower arch-rival Baltimore Ravens in overtime and then wait Sunday night football between the Los Angeles Chargers and the Las Vegas Raiders not to end up in a super awkward draw.

Johnson said the time to get on the Steelers’ wagon is now because there is no room after Wild Card Weekend this offseason.

Diontae Johnson embraces the underdog mentality on her way into the playoffs

Since this is almost certainly Ben Roethlisberger’s last match of his illustrious career, the Steelers have nothing to lose. This is not a great team by any means, but here they have a chance to give the two-time defending AFC champions a very brutal home loss in the off-season. Losing to the Steelers will bring back the worst memories for Chiefs Kingdom.

So does the Steelers have a chance in this game? About as much as the completely toothless Jacksonville Jaguars had on their way into their week 18 clown show vs. the almost certainly playoff-bound Indianapolis Colts. Fate would have it that Jacksonville gave Indianapolis another defeat at Duval. In the spirit of Lloyd Christmas, I’m telling you there’s a chance, one in a million.

If the Steelers somehow beat Kansas City, they travel to Nashville to host the top-seeded Tennessee Titans in the AFC Divisional Round next weekend.

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