Dick Butkus’ Aaron Rodgers hatred could come back and haunt the Bears

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Dick Butkus would rather be careful about stabbing the well-known Chicago Bears owner, Aaron Rodgers.

Apparently, Aaron Rodgers’ comments about owning the Chicago Bears did not land well with their legendary linebacker Dick Butkus.

While Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers continue to run hard beyond his three NFC North division rivals, Butkus clearly took offense at the two-time reigning NFL MVP’s remarks about his former team. Butkus appeared in Wednesday’s episode of Unfiltered with David Kaplanand says it’s a good thing he’s not allowed to play on the same football field as Rodgers at this point in his life …

Here’s the big juicy nugget from Butkus’ latest appearance on the NBC Sports Chicago show.

“I do not understand why any damn bear does not look at that comment and put it in their memory bank,” Butkus said on Unfiltered with David Kaplan. “If I was on the pitch during the match, well, I could not do it today, I would probably be arrested. We’ll see who owns who.”

Here is the whole section of Unfiltered with David Kaplan where Butkus appeared on YouTube.

Dick Butkus may regret his comments about Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

While Butkus and most of Chicagoland absolutely detest Rodgers, keep in mind how far apart the Bears and Packers are from a competitive standpoint in a national perspective. Green Bay is seen as one of only a handful of playoff locks in the NFC going into the next football season. As for the Bears, they could be among the very worst teams in the entire league.

Should Justin Fields be the NFC equivalent of Joe Burrow, then by all means celebrate the unlikely Super Bowl 57 race, Chicagoland! Unfortunately, the Bears are infinitely more likely to be a bottom-four team in the NFC than sniffing for the playoffs this fall. Rodgers may not be three-turf like the NFL MVP, but he loves nothing more than to dominate the Bears thoroughly every single year.

At this stage of his life, Butkus cannot truly give a rip what anyone thinks of him. He should feel this way as he is a football legend and a former movie star from the 1980s. Unfortunately, the Bears will be closer to Care Bears than evil mammals on the football field this season. Rodgers may never return to the Super Bowl, but at the moment he still clearly owns the Bears franchise.

May the hatred between the Bears and the Packers solidify to keep this rivalry unhealthy.

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