Details of the loan of Real Madrid forward Luka Jovic Frankfurt

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Luka Jovic has struggled to get consistent playing time at Real Madrid, so he clearly needed a move, while a return to Frankfurt on loan could help him get the best of him.

He will return to a family club and to a place where he played his best football, while the terms of the agreement suggest that his future at Real Madrid could be in two ways:

It is claimed that it is only a six-month loan and there is no purchase option included there, while the Real will cover 80% of his annual salary of 10 million euros.

The lack of a call option suggests that Real Madrid still see a long-term future for him and perhaps he will be in a better place if he plays well and regains confidence, while they might also need a new forward if Karim Benzema makes the case. judicial not going according to plan.

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It is also worth remembering that Benfica burned out when they loaned Jovic to Frankfurt with a minimal purchase option and was immediately transferred to Real for a big profit, so it could still be the case that Real just want to inflate its worth to sell it. again.

The call option never makes much sense for the selling club because all it does is limit the amount you can sell a player for, but it will be interesting to see how Jovic does it and what it means for his future in Spain.

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