Crampons against police violence for Alexander Iwobi

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During the match between Fulham and Everton, Alexander Iwobi stood out with a pair of full black crampons. A very different pair of masked shoes “normal” since intended to fight against police violence.

For a long time now, soccer cleats have been a means of communication and expression for many footballers and brands. A few days ago, Nike unveiled a special pair for Marcus Rashford as part of Black History Month. A few days later, Michy Batshuayi and Anthony Martial stood out thanks to full black crampons on which the message “Black Lives Matter” appeared for one and “No Racism” for the other. Today, it is another player who is talking about him thanks to his crampons, another Premier League athlete since it is Alexander Iwobi, the Everton player.

On the same basis as the pair worn by Anthony Martial for some time, the Mercurial Vapor 13 of the Kinetic pack, Alexander Iwobi therefore evolved with a special pair during the match against Fulham. Adorned with the message #EndPoliceBrutality, it wants to be both sober but fully committed as the player has been for some time now since this is not the first time that Iwobi has testified in favor of the fight against police violence. If the fact of carrying this message on the Vapor 13 may come as a surprise since the player has been evolving for some time with the Phantom GT, it is interesting to note that these crampons were once again provided by the EUniqueBoots site, the same one that had been at the origin of Martial’s crampons.