Cliff Kingsbury tried and failed to plan the Rams’ death at Sean McVay’s wedding

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Cliff Kingsbury was an agent of chaos at Sean McVay’s wedding as he tried to convince Aaron Donald to retire and Cooper Kupp to ask for more money.

If Odell Beckham Jr. crashed Sean McVay’s wedding down, Kliff Kingsbury sought to ruin it.

Football was the theme of McVay’s wedding to model and longtime girlfriend Veronika Khomyn, where the wedding cake was designed after the Lombardi Trophy.

McVay even commented that it was important to get every detail perfect, especially with the guest list.

“So probably the most stressful thing about this wedding was figuring out, okay, how do you get the guest list right where you do not have any kind of interruptions, or you know, someone gets unnecessarily hurt in their feelings because you are doing well. relationship with guys, “said McVay.” So I just invited the leaders from last year’s team, and then there were a couple of other guys who are retired players that you still have good relationships with. “

While OBJ was left out by the guest, Cooper Kupp and Aaron Donald were present at the ceremony. McVay also invited Kliff Kingsbury, head coach of the Arizona Cardinals.

While the Rams players were there to celebrate a beautiful moment for their beloved head coach, Kingsbury was there for completely different reasons.

ESPN’s Josh Weinfuss reported that Kingsbury at McVay’s wedding acted as a chaos agent as he tried to poach Anders and pressure Kupp to push for more money. It’s clear that the evil Cardinals champion’s brain has thwarted his plot when Anders and Kupp signed historic contracts to stay with McVay.

Kingsbury went into detail as he joked about trying – and failing – to chase away some of LA’s best players.

“I did my best to try to convince Aaron Donald to retire,” Kingsbury said. “Of course it did not work. I said to him: ‘You have achieved everything you can accomplish, and it is a good idea to go out on your own terms,’ all that. And then I said to Kupp: ‘I know “that you and Sean are friends, but do not take that McVay discount. Hold on for the first three weeks and get something fixed.” And you can see that it did not work out either. “

Cliff Kingsbury tried to ruin Sean McVay’s wedding by stealing key Rams players

Maybe this was Kingsbury’s attempt to prank McVay back for a stunt he performed three years ago. Before the 2019 NFL Draft, where Kingsbury expected to take Kyler Murray No. 1 overall, McVay had a little fun welcoming his friend to the NFL.

McVay tricked Kingsbury into believing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was investigating the two coaches for manipulating prior to the draft.

“This guy looked like he was going to throw up,” McVay said. “I mean, he always has a good tan and a nice glow. He was as white as my walls behind me. He was ready to vomit. And I would let it go. … It was probably 30 seconds that probably felt like three hours for him. I said, ‘I’m just kidding.’ I do not think he ate the rest of the meal. ”

The wedding chaos may have been a small battle in the ghost war between these two elite NFC West rivals.

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