Chris Jones has a very exciting message for Chiefs fans

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Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones has an exciting message for Chiefs fans to get them in the spirit for the coming year.

AFC West is considered the toughest division in the NFL, and everyone has an opinion on which team is the toughest.

The Los Angeles Chargers did an excavation on all other AFC West teams in their NFL program announcement, the Denver Broncos seek to turn things around with Russell Wilson as quarterback, and Las Vegas Raiders tight-end Darren Waller agrees it’s the toughest division – and that the Raiders won free agency this year.

For the Kansas City Chiefs, there are four years of AFC Championship appearances in a row, two Super Bowl appearances and a ring in the 2019 season, so choosing Chiefs as an early favorite for the division probably has the best odds based on the past.

And despite all the quarterbacks needing the decision, the Chiefs are still the team with the magician, Patrick Mahomes.

Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones is already hyped up for the season and shares his enthusiasm with Chiefs fans, who were definitely here for it.

Chris Jones makes Chiefs fans excited for 2022

When the team enters June, they will continue to play their way through OTAs and build chemistry in the offseason. Mahomes spent some time before OTAs working with his broad recipients in Texas, inspiring Andy Reid and Eric Bieniemy to host volunteer virtual meetings for the offense.

“Having them with some time away to bond with themselves, especially with the influx of new players, I think is important,” Reid said according to Fox4KC. “That says a lot about Patrick.”

On the Arrowhead Addicts podcast, hosts Patrick Allen and Matt Verderame recently discussed whether the Chiefs were sidelined with the AFC West winning conversation.

“It’s completely fair to look at the Chiefs and say, ‘They have a lot of young players who want to play real snaps in defense, they brought a lot of new pieces into the attack, they lost their most dynamic weapon offensively – they don’t get so good, ”said Verderame.

“I think, however, the idea that they will fall off a cliff and not make it to the playoffs … if Mahomes is healthy and breathing, they will come to the playoffs,” Verderame continued.

With Mahomes and Jones on the pitch, there is a lot for the Chiefs to look forward to, especially as they are still heavily involved in the race for the AFC West title.

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