Chargers screwed over on the season’s worst pass interference call

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The Los Angeles Chargers were screwed by the referees calling a terrible pass interference penalty to establish a Raiders touchdown.

There was really homemade food at the end of the first half between the Chargers and the Raiders.

With less than a minute to go, Las Vegas took a 17-14 lead using an incredibly questionable pass interference call.

On the second-and-10 from Chargers 42, Derek Carr missed his receiver deep inside the end zone by a mile. Zay Jones sold the smallest contact and drew a flag.

The Raiders benefited from a fake pass interference on the chargers

It was an Oscar-worthy dive on a clearly unstoppable ball, but that train gave the Raiders 41 yards to the finish line and set Josh Jacobs up for an easy one-yard goal.

No one on NFL Twitter could fully figure out how the referees made the call they made, given how out of reach the pass was.

Others pointed out that the dive Jones took was similar to what football players are criticized for doing.

The Chargers and Raiders are fighting for their playoff lives, so it does matter that the referees get the right calls in this game even more than usual.

It’s the kind of call that can have a huge impact on the entire NFL playoffs if it’s the ultimate difference in the game.

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