CeeDee Lamb is being sued for not having signed enough trading cards

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Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb is being sued by Leaf, a trading card company, for not having autographed enough memorabilia items.

Autographs have long been a way for elite athletes to get in touch with admiring fans, but they have gone further than scoring signatures at events. Athletes have now sold game-bearing items at expensive auctions, coming in over thousands with proof of authentication.

Often, an autograph is a partial proof of that authentication, and for a trading card company, it became the basis of a lawsuit.

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb is being sued by Leaf, a trading card company, for failing to meet autograph claims with its prized signature, according to a lawsuit filed by the company.

Leaf CEO Brian Gray tweeted about why the company took this drastic measure against Lamb.

“We hate to do this, but customers need to defend themselves here,” Gray wrote.

Dallas Cowboys star CeeDee Lamb is being sued for her autograph

Cowboys Country’s Mike Fisher shared the legal documents describing the lawsuit, in which the company claimed “significant damages” because Lamb “broke its licensing agreement with Leaf to sign and return to Leaf trading cards in exchange for a payment from Leaf for a specified amount per . signed card. “

In essence, Lamb did not sign the required number of cards, meaning that Leaf was unable to fulfill orders and satisfy customers.

The lawsuit comes while Lamb is currently rehearsing at OTAs with his team after a very successful season. According to the PFF, CeeDee ranked third for the highest share of disputed catches among wideouts in 2021.

PFF’s Trevor Sikkema expects 2022 to be even better for Lamb.

While the lawsuit certainly provides an off-the-pitch headache for the Lamb and Cowboys out of season, Lamb could ideally continue to focus on his game and build on a successful 2021 campaign.

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