Carragher claims it took him 30 seconds to be ‘stunned’ by Arsenal

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Jamie Carragher has said he was “stunned” by the way Arsenal played against Tottenham, saying he had concerns after just 30 seconds.

The Gunners lost 2-0 to their North London rivals on Sunday in another loss for Mikel Arteta.

Arsenal have lost five of their last seven Premier League games dating back to a win over Sheffield United. Since that game, however, they have only scored two goals in the top flight.

Speaking after their last game, Arteta praised his team for dominating the Spurs in the second half. Indeed, the Spaniard greeted his team for its 44 centers during the match.

But analyzing the game in Monday night footballCarragher said he “couldn’t believe” Arteta’s point of view.

He said (through the Meter): “I couldn’t believe some of the things I heard after the game and some of the things I read this morning.

Arsenal did not play well, Arsenal They were terrible in defense and with the ball from minute one. This idea that because you have possession you have played well… I am stunned when I hear it.

“They never had an opportunity in the game where someone should have scored. ‘I just saw a [Jose] Mourinho quote that says, “Possession is for poets or philosophers,” and it is absolutely correct if there is nothing with possession.

“And I thought tactically Arsenal were a disaster, so poor. What I can’t believe and what frustrated me so much when I saw it was that this has happened so many times in Mourinho’s managerial career.

“Even if you’ve only seen Tottenham this season, you would know what they were going to do.”

Carragher went on to look for evidence of his analysis. In fact, he chose a 30-second clip on the game, claiming he was “worried about Arsenal.”

Arteta confirms conversations with Partey

Arsenal’s afternoon turned from bad to worse just before half-time when Thomas Partey limped off.

The midfielder had just returned from a thigh problem, but had to come out with the recurring problem.

Partey, however, left while the Spurs were on the counterattack. In fact, the attack would later lead to his second goal that ended the match.

However, when the Spurs got ahead, Arteta pushed Partey back onto the field, urging him to join the defense. The coach has now confirmed that he will hold talks with the midfielder about the incident.

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