Carolina Panthers latest to unveil new helmet for 2022 NFL season

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3 Trail Helmets With MIPS - 1st Look

In 2021, the NFL approved rule changes that allow alternative helmets with throwback uniforms.

The use of another helmet was dropped in 2013 due to concerns that it may not be safe for players to wear more than one helmet. As these concerns have lessened, the clubs have lobbied for a different helmet because the options for alternative jerseys were expanded in 2018. The new uniforms can be worn from the 2022 season onwards.

According to a league note, the second helmet can only be worn with so-called classic, alternative or Color Rush jerseys.

That means some of the best classic NFL uniforms may be back this season. Some teams have started showing off new helmets and uniforms or letting fans know that their favorite retro combination will be back.

black on black on black

The Carolina Panthers already had black jerseys and pants in the team. Now they have added the black helmet.

Red alarm in Houston

The Houston Texans have been around since 2002. At the time, they wore only dark blue headgear. That will change this season. The team announced that the “Battle Red” helmet was to be worn on November 3 against the Philadelphia Eagles.

pat patriot is back

The New England Patriots will bring back their red uniforms and white helmets with the classic “Pat Patriot” logo. This was the franchise’s first uniform, starting in 1960. It remained the team’s uniform until Bill Parcells’ arrival in 1993. With him came the royal blue jerseys and the “Flying Elvis” logo. But between 1994 and 2013, the Patriots are 9-3 in this uniform.

saints bet on black

For their new uniforms, the New Orleans Saints are reversing their helmet color scheme. Usually with a gold helmet with a black sticker, New Orleans’ new helmet is black. The Saints will wear the helmet with their all-white Color Rush uniforms.

another red lid

The Atlanta Falcons bring red helmets back to the team’s Week 6 game against the San Francisco 49ers. While the team’s original helmet, in 1966, was red, this one is a little different. It has gold stripes, which the team says are to honor the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech.

Kelly Green and Philly

The Philadelphia Eagles throw it all the way back to the days of Reggie Whites and Randall Cunningham.

“That’s what we’ve wanted and we’ll be able to introduce it for that season,” Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said in March. “It will be if you all remember the ’90s and’ 80s with Randall and Reggie and Jerome [Brown] and Seth [Joyner] and Clyde [Simmons] and all together, it will be that uniform, and it will be as identical with that which existed as possible. “

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