Can the Broncos lure Aaron Rodgers to Denver with a blank head coach check?

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If the Denver Broncos hire the right head coach, Aaron Rodgers may be on his way.

While the process for this to happen will be very complicated, the Denver Broncos could end up with a motivated Aaron Rodgers if they hire the right head coach to replace Vic Fangio.

Denver has had a miserable time drafting quarterbacks. The most successful race after John Elway came when the Broncos signed Peyton Manning into his high-profile free agency in 2012. A decade later, Denver faces arguably the most critical offseason since then. They need to get the head coach right. More importantly, the Broncos need to get better as a quarterback. Maybe they can do both?

A candidate for the Broncos job is Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett.

Denver Broncos: How to Get Aaron Rodgers to Eventually Win the NFL Offseason

It all depends on whether Rodgers has finished playing ball in Green Bay after this season. If he wins back-to-back NFL MVPs and wins his second Super Bowl, he can ride out in the sunset style of Elway and Manning, albeit as the most mysterious superstar quarterback ever. Since he’s still on the good side of 40, he could play a few more years for a proud NFL franchise in the Rockies.

The cool part of all this is no, it does not have to be Hackett or bust for Denver. If the Broncos see Hackett as their guy, then go and hire him. But if it’s just done in an attempt to appease Rodgers, then it’s a losing effort, and the Broncos are better than that. Rodgers has thrived on playing for two offensive-minded head coaches at Green Bay, so he obviously wanted that if he had to leave.

Other coaching candidates who could make sense for Denver include Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, Buffalo Bill’s offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh and former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson. Harbaugh and Pederson are documented head coaches, while Bieniemy and Daboll are emerging coordinators.

Eventually, Rodgers is still under contract and can retire to Packer. However, Denver is one of the few franchises he would reportedly be interested in ending his career with. Although the Broncos have not been good in the last six years, it feels like they are a good offensive-minded head coach and a quarterback off game. The Rodgers / Hackett pairing in Denver is enticing.

This may be just wishful thinking for the Broncos Country, but Denver has just as good a chance as anyone else to end up with Rodgers if this is his last season at Green Bay.

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