Brett Favre’s critique of Derek Carr is fair, but not with Davante Adams

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Brett Favre may have an accurate assessment of Derek Carr, but Davante Adams is still elite.

When Davante Adams left the Green Bay Packers for the Las Vegas Raiders this offseason, Brett Favre believes he was downgraded as a quarterback from Aaron Rodgers to Derek Carr.

That is undeniably true. Rodgers is a multi-year top-three quarterback in the league who will enter the Hall of Fame at the first poll, while Carr is a top-12 passer who will thank his lucky stars for having a bronze bust in his likeness in Canton one day. Carr is significantly younger than Rodgers, and that definitely plays into Adams’ advantage here as he pushes toward hall of fame.

Here’s what Favre told TMZ Sports about the decision Adams made to change allegiance.

“It’s just hard to shift gears, especially from a player as productive as Aaron Rodgers,” Favre told TMZ Sports. “I think Derek Carr is a very good quarterback, but he’s not in Aaron’s league yet. Maybe it will never be, and that’s no disrespect.”

This is the entire clip of Favre talking to TMZ Sports about the new Raiders offensive pairing.

It may not have been Favre’s intention to cast a shadow over them, but this is a long-term game for the Raiders.

Brett Favre is right about Derek Carr, but not so much about Davante Adams

At best, Carr is a frontier candidate for Canton. Anyone with a brain understands what he has meant to the seemingly always chaotic Raiders organization. He has been a Pro Bowler several times and has guided them to the AFC playoffs twice over the course of his career. Rodgers, however, is a transcendent talent at quarterback position. His mechanics are flawless, the gold standard.

Although Carr thrives in the second half of his Raiders career, he may end up being the generation of his generation of Ken Anderson or Donovan McNabb, who is forever stuck in the Hall of Very Good. As for Adams, he has been the best wide receiver in football for more than three years now. He is in his prime, but should age gracefully at the back of his NFL career.

It’s not really changing gears that much for Adams when he was college teammates with Carr in Fresno State. They remain very close as Carr was a big reason why Adams wanted to leave Green Bay. He grew up cheering on the Raiders as a kid from the West Coast. With an offensive-minded head coach in Josh McDaniels, Silver and Black are ready to make some noise in AFC West.

Will there be a drop-off from Rodgers to Carr for Adams? Yes, but not to the extent Favre expects. Keep in mind that Adams already has a strong relationship with Carr. Not only that, but he gets to play in the same offensive with two other elite passers in Hunter Renfrow in castle and Darren Waller out in the tight end. The Packers have had nothing near it for years now.

In the end, make sure Adams has about three more Pro Bowl seasons before leaving his prime. A deep playoff run or two with Silver and Black before retiring should get Adams to Canton, no questions asked. However, there is so much more left to write in the former Fresno State Bulldogs career than the longtime Packers starter who used to play for Cal …

Packers fans have to accept that Adams will have a lot of success early on in playing for the Raiders.

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