Bill introduced to stop tax deductions for stadium construction

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The study of Washington Commander’s workplace – and the NFL’s response – served as a driving force for a bill passed in Congress aimed at removing subsidies for professional stadiums.

Three Members of Congress – Reps. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), Don Beyer (D-Va.) And Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) – tabled a bill on Tuesday that would immediately remove a tax cut used by professional sports teams. They labeled the bill “Law on no tax subsidy for stadiums.”

In a press release, Speier, a member of the House Oversight Committee, cited allegations of sexual harassment around the Washington organization – including owner Dan Snyder – as well as the league’s response to an initial investigation, as a primary reason for her support. of the bill.

“The NFL has once again proven that it can not play by the rules. As such, taxpayer-subsidized municipal bonds should no longer be a reward for Washington Commanders and other teams that continue to operate jobs that are caves of sexual harassment and sexual abuse, “Speier said in a statement. “It does not make economic sense and it is particularly annoying given the league’s long-standing failure to address issues of sexual harassment and sexual assault as well as ongoing racial and gender discrimination and domestic violence.”

According to a statement, the bill would remove the tax exemption on municipal bonds, which are used to fund professional stadiums. The commanders are looking to build a new stadium. Their ground lease on FedEx Field expires after the 2027 season.

The NFL rejected through a spokesman comments.

The NFL announced Friday that Mary Jo White would lead a new investigation into Snyder following allegations made by Tiffani Johnston during a February 3 roundtable discussion in Congress. She alleged that Snyder put his hand on her leg at a work dinner and later tried to force her into his limousine. Snyder has denied the allegations.

Johnston did not speak to attorney Beth Wilkinson during the NFL’s preliminary investigation of the franchise. On July 1, the NFL announced a $ 10 million fine to Washington based on Wilkinson’s results.

But in October, Congress launched its own NFL investigation and has pressured the league to hand over its documents. Both sides have said the league has cooperated, but the committee continues to push them for more. There is a chance that Congress can issue subpoenas or hold hearings to get the league to comply with its demands.

Money is also at the heart of Tuesday’s bill. The release stated that the federal government had lost $ 4.3 billion in revenue due to these tax-exempt municipal bonds. This dollar amount was quoted by the National Tax Journal in a March 2020 report, citing the 43 stadiums built since 2000, which were at least partially funded by tax-exempt municipal bonds.

“Super-rich sports team owners like Dan Snyder do not need federal support to build their stadiums, and taxpayers should not be forced to fund them,” Beyer said in a statement. “Billionaire owners who need cash can borrow from the market like any other business.”


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