Bielsa on extraordinary spiel about Mark Wright making Leeds look ‘stupid’

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Leeds coach Marcelo Bielsa has answered a question about Mark Wright’s role in Crawley’s victory over the Whites in the FA Cup last weekend.

Wright, who made a name for himself on reality TV, used to play soccer semi-professionally. However, he made his professional debut last Sunday at age 33.

Entered the final minutes to finish a wonderful afternoon for Crawley in their 3-0 loss to Leeds.

But in addition to ranking the results as Leeds’ fifth worst result in its history, expert Adrian Durham stated in talkSPORT that bringing Wright was Crawley “laughing” at his visitors.

At his last press conference, Bielsa was asked if Wright’s debut acted as a ‘maximum humiliation’ for Leeds. However, the Argentinian he disagreed with the question with a long spiel.

He said (via Leeds Live): “No, I didn’t explain myself well. In no way do I judge if the player entered or what his origin is.

“For me he is a component of the rival team and he legitimately occupies that place and entered like any other teammate, that’s how I interpret it.

“I spoke about the point of view of the media, their attempt to find something in the non-football part. As if the game did not have enough elements to qualify our performance as negative, but because it is not enough, they realized what he does and entered the field.

Mark wright

“Or the lack of seriousness that we could have faced in this game, all the extra things that allow the person who refers to the game, adds color to an issue that is already important.

“To make us look even more bad or stupid than we already feel. I reiterate that this change should not be criticized in any way. The conditions that this player has linked to make him a television star, but he deserves to be there ”.

Bielsa then he opposed new criticism of goalkeeper Kiko Casilla. The plug could have done better against Crawley, struggling to make a solid hit.

The 34 year old He has been through a turbulent time of late, including his eight-game ban for racism last season.

Bielsa responds to Casilla’s critics

Continuing with his comments on Crawley’s win, he said: “Or the fact that a victory is celebrated by getting drunk, I don’t think it’s bad or good, but I do point out in the same way linked to Casilla.

“Because if someone says [Elia] Caprile should be in goal ahead of Casilla, they ignore Casilla’s run. And everything he’s suffered since the eight-game suspension so far.

“The same treatment given to Casilla is similar to the same treatment, the questions have an implicit meaning. A serious player, trained like Casilla. A player like Casilla, who has had 40 games for Real Madrid, can be replaced by someone who has never been in the first team.

“The question wants to humiliate Casilla, it has nothing to do with Caprile. This is part of soccer.

“One day [Illan] Meslier gives a bad pass, at age 20, which results in a goal and if it was a good idea to replace this 20-year-old with an experience like Casilla’s, the next day the question is whether a 19-year-old goalkeeper should be in goal because I lost confidence in Casilla ”.

Bielsa spoke ahead of Leeds’ Premier League clash with Brighton on Saturday.

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