Bielsa addresses Phillip’s talk; launches an incredible defense of Leeds tactics

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Marcelo Bielsa ruined any rumors about a fallout with Kalvin Phillips and launched a huge defense of his Leeds United tactics.

After curiously being posted as a center-back in much of their defeat to Tottenham two weeks ago, Kalvin Phillips’ comments after the match attracted attention. When asked why he was used out of position, Phillips admitted, “I do not know why he did that.”

Phillips moved quickly to allay any fears of unrest as he spoke after the final victory over Brighton in midweek. Now, during his Friday press conference, Bielsa did the same.

“That’s what’s common in the world of football,” said the Argentine (via Leeds Live). “It is difficult to express oneself over things that have not happened, that there is nothing behind it and that they are expressed as a reality.

“There are things that correspond to the private part of a relationship. So maybe the media is talking about these things that are hidden, but this is a next step.

“This was the spread of something that did not happen at all. What I am saying is that this is how the press is. The goal is very clear: it is to create awareness with any kind of resource.

“The press not only informs, but they have their legitimate need for what they tell to arouse interest, and in the process, it happens from time to time that they invent realities to create awareness.

“But I insist that there is no one better than the representatives of the press to explain it. As a result for me to say that this does not make much sense, in all countries of the world the sensationalism occupies a part of the press.

“I think in England from my point of view it’s less than elsewhere, it’s usually because the material they work with is valuable because very few leagues have as much to say about it as something as valuable as Premier League. League. “

Also on the agenda of Bielsa’s press conference was the topic of his tactics.

Leeds’ matches have been there for all to see this season. Although Bielsa in a long and philosophical response insisted on deviating from what has made Leeds the club they are, could be a fatal mistake.

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Bielsa launches an incredible Leeds defense

“The way a team chooses to compete is a decision that needs to be reflected on a lot,” Bielsa said. “Building it takes a long time. Not maintaining your game philosophy and abandoning the main themes that support it, it’s very easy.

“New philosophy of replacing it and not that it solves the next match. It served as a base that holds.

“The urgent effort we have to achieve results generates this opportunity for Plan B. From my point of view, it has caused a lot of damage to football in general.

“What should be considered is the improvement of the chosen plan, not the replacement of it. What is called a plan B, if one analyzes, goes from speculation to the protagonist or vice versa.

“From caution to risk and from risk to speculation. It does not describe an idea of ​​play because you can have cautious teams that are very good and teams that are protagonists that are very good. Both processes are valid.

“What you can not do is change it on a weekly basis because it takes a long time to consolidate. What really matters is what you achieve or what you deserve, because if what is deserved is not achieved, the path is the right one.

“Of what is achieved is not deserved, the path is not the right one. In either case, time confirms these things. The only thing I say is what the answer is is to deserve what you get.

“Any focus is valid that no process is consolidated instantly. No regularity process that is unshakable. From my point of view, what is to be judged is the relationship between what you deserve and what you achieve, which is really crucial. ”

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