Best junior football boots 2020

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Time to get your child a pair of new football boots? Graduate by reading this test of the best junior football boots of 2020 first! 

The football season is underway! As most people know, children’s feet grow like weeds, so maybe it’s time to do some boot shopping for this year’s season? Read the results of our test panel’s test of the three most popular football boots for juniors from brands such as Nike and Adidas. 

Vapor 14 Academy MDS ,  Nike
Vapor 14 Academy MDS , Nike

The best thing about the model: That the shoes are so cool in design, comfortable and that they can be laced properly.

Nike Vapor 14 Academy MDS Test panel rating:

In green and blue, this übercool football boot is available from Nike. It fits both grass and artificial turf surfaces and is reinforced in the toe box to ensure a longer durability. Our small test panel thinks the sole is beautiful and that the heel cap is comfortable, without the slightest risk of getting irritating chafing. The shoe works both on the midfield and in the goal. One of the best features of the shoe is the lacing.

They are easy to tie; the laces stay in place and do not go up all the time – so excellent material here! They only get better after they have gone a little further, the parents of one child in the test say.

If your child has very narrow feet, then the shoe may well feel a little too wide. The shoe breathes really well, and the child does not get too hot or too cold with this model on his feet – not even when it is down in bars!

Predator 20.4 FxG Jr ,  Adidas
Predator 20.4 FxG Jr , Adidas

The best thing about the model: That it is so durable in it. The design also gets a big plus in the grade book.

Adidas Predator 20.4 FxG Jr Test panel rating:

This is a light and fast football boot which has an upper that gives the child even better ball control. The shoe sits tight around the foot and quickly becomes a natural part of it. Therefore, you need to tie the laces up so you can get the foot down in the shoe to begin with. If you are a little small, you may need the help of an adult for this. The grip is excellent, both on artificial turf and on the lawn at home.

  • There is a little more speed and precision in the child’s shots, especially if you compare with previous models of football boots, says one of the test participants’ parent and the child votes in:
  • Wow, these are so cool!

The shoes are of a high quality and are durable enough to withstand hard play on the court. Black shoes are a plus, as football boots like to get dirty quickly, where the dark color hides a bit of how dirty the boots are. Besides being a regular companion to the training, this enthusiastic test participant will take the boots to school, to visit grandpa and out in the woods. However, they probably work best on the football field.

Nemeziz 19.4 FxG Jr ,  Adidas
Nemeziz 19.4 FxG Jr , Adidas

The best thing about the model: How well the shoe fits on the foot and the fact that it is comfortable to wear from the first moment.

Adidas Nemeziz 19.4 FxG Jr Test panel rating:

Impress the opponents in these cool shoes in a white and blue color scheme. They make the upper of a synthetic leather material and shapes itself to the child’s foot, where the handle itself is primarily suitable for normal lawns and artificial turf. The test panel says that the boot sits as lubricated on the foot, and that it is both delicious, beautiful and gives a good ball feeling.

  • With them here on the fuses, the precision is much better. The shot itself is even harder compared to other football boots that I have previously played in, says one of the test panel’s juniors.

The shoe is normal, perhaps to the slightly narrower side. The laces can be experienced as a bit long in it, where the whole shoe is generally experienced as super beautiful by the entire test panel, in fact right from the first moment they come into use.

Tip: Do you know what size your child is wearing? Take the insole out of the shoe and let the child stand on top of one. A good football boot should not be over 5 millimeters too long.

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