Best football boots for wide feet 2020

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If you had football boots for wide feet, then you have probably stood with a shoe in your hand, which has felt too narrow for your foot. They make most football boots for a narrow foot. That is why we have made this guide, where we also come up with concrete suggestions for boots for you.

At the bottom of the article, you will find links to how you can care for your shoes after purchase and use.

Football boots for wide feet

Are Puma football boots good for wide feet?


The first shoe we need to take a closer look at is from the brand PUMA. The King model is now an old acquaintance that has been on the market since 1968. Maybe that’s precisely why the shoe is as loved as it is when it has been thoroughly tested and optimized several times?

The shoe is made of soft kangaroo leather on the upper side, for optimal fit, and has an outsole with round knobs, which provides increased comfort. The shoe is known in football circles for being able to look a little heavy and bombastic, but to be good on the pitch, sit well on the foot and be able to give some good kicks to the ball.

In general, PUMA’s boots are often a bit wider than boots from Nike and adidas and are therefore a good starting point if you need football boots for wide feet. But if you want to be sure that your foot can be in the boot you are trying on, King is a good starting point.

Because the boot has been on the market for so long and it is still a popular item at PUMA, we here at FodboldFessor have made a whole article about the shoe.

Adidas World Cup

Another bid for a boot for a wide foot is the Copa Mundial from adidas. The boot originates from the original collection from adidas and is made of a leather upper and a wide sole. The leather means that the upper adapts to the foot better than if it consisted of synthetic material. 
The boots’ knobs are round and therefore give you a good grip on the track when you run across it.

The model is available for both kids and adults. The boot can be good to use, as the first boot when you need to start for football, regardless of age. It also ensures you stability and high comfort when you use it, and it can therefore easily be that once you have tried the boot once, you will not walk away from it again.

You can buy the boot here .

New Balance – good for wide feet

New Balance is a new player when it comes to football boots. They are originally known for their many sneakers and shoes for everyday use. The shoes from the brand, which can be used for everyday use, are wider than similar brands’ offerings. The same goes for the football boots. Therefore, it may be an idea to look for shoes from New Balance when you go out and probe the terrain for boots for wide feet.

An example of such a shoe could be the New Balance Visaro, which is shown in the picture. If you compare the underside of the boot with other shoes on the market, it appears that it is wider than the others.

Players like Aaron Ramsay and Samir Nisri play in the shoe. The boot is made with a single piece and has a form-fitting and comfortable construction, so your foot gets optimal conditions to kick the ball and dribble it past the opponent.

The boot weighs 232 grams and the model shown is intended for natural grass pitches.

You can buy the boot here .

Material selection, player position and much more

Of course, you have to take into account that your foot is wide when choosing a new football boot – otherwise you can not be in them. But it is also important to consider what material the boot should be in and whether your position on the court matters in relation to which shoe you should choose.

Care of shoes

Once you have purchased your shoes, it is important that you care for them properly. If you do, they can last much longer. We have made a short checklist of what to remember to do after using your shoes.

  • Take your shoes off your bag – and air them
  • Dry / wash your shoes free of dirt after use
  • Let your shoes dry completely before using them again

You can find the full explanation of the above, and a more detailed list here.

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