Best adidas general purpose PUREBOOST 22 sneaker review and on feet

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Best adidas general purpose PUREBOOST 22 sneaker review and on feet

This sneaker goes to show that price isn’t everything, especially when it comes to buying a casual sneaker for general purposes. Here’s my full review of the Pureboost 22. It costs $140 USD or $180 CAD. It fits true to size, it has a wider footbed than the Ultraboost, making it an easy choice for casual wear and running. The locked down of the sneaker comes down from the tongue pressure when tying down the laces.

It also features a floating cage like the Ultraboost 22. The knit upper helps you with stability as it doesn’t stretch, but it does have a bit more breathing room. So depending on how serious of a runner you are, you might want it to be incredibly taut to your foot like an Ultraboost 22.

The boost foam shape is incredible. It features a hollowed out column from the midfoot to the heel.

With each step you take, it feels like the shoe is riding on rails. The outsole isn’t a Continental tire grip, but it feels grippy and with the stretch webbed outsole borrowed from the Ultraboost, it is still flexible. Comparing this to the Ultraboost, this model Pureboost has always been one of my favorite between the two. The hype has always leaned towards Ultraboosts as it had more push between streetwear and hardcore runners. But for a casual Joe like me, as long as it feels comfortable and affordable, then that is all I ask for.

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