Benteke scores dramatic winner against dominant Brighton

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Christian Benteke has scored a late goal for Crystal Palace in Brighton. Graham Potter will not be able to explain this.

While there is only one statistic that Really in football, take a look at the figures (via BBC) of tonight’s clash between Brighton and Crystal Palace and tell us who you think won the game.

Possession: 75% vs 25%
Shots: 25 versus 3
Corners: 23 versus 0

Surprisingly, it was team number two, Crystal Palace, who had only two touches in Brighton’s penalty area in tonight’s game, and somehow, somehow, managed to score with both.

Palace, who opened the scoring before being returned, was on the ropes throughout the second half. However, with what was practically his only attack of that period, in the 95th minute, Christian Benteke shot home with a sublime volley to ensure that all three points went home with the visitors.

It’s a challenge to belief, and Graham Potter will scratch his head for days trying to figure out how the heck his side has thrown himself this way. But while it is devastating for Brighton, it is chaos for Palace, which is ten points out of the relegation zone thanks to this Christian Benteke goal …

Images courtesy of Sky Sports

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